June and July Update

Ella is almost 7 months old!!  Where has the time gone?  Ella can now sit by herself and has gotten her second tooth.  She went ‘swimming’ in a pool for the first time and loved to splash around.  Ella continues to be such a sweet-natured baby, the only thing to be aware of is her Jaws-like attack for your fingers!  She loves to bite anything!  (see movie).  Her favorite thing to do right now is bounce in her bumper jumper that we hang from our door frame.  She is working those leg muscles! (maybe that means she is getting ready to crawl soon??)
Rilyn continues to make us laugh with her funny sayings.  “Oh man, that’s crazy!” or while playing with her cash register in her room, “I would like a #5, diet Dr. Pepper, fries and a drink.”  (We know that’s a sign we’re eating too much fast food!)  During a recent stinky diaper change, her Sunday school teacher asked her, “what did you eat?”  Her response-“Vegetables.” Rilyn also spent a week by herself at “Camp Oma & Papaw” (James’ parents’ house). While there, she went on her first picnic, went to the zoo and had a great time.  



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