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flower girls, ring bearer, maid of honor and groomsman!

It was a great weekend at my little sister, Jessica’s wedding!  We all had important roles to play and her wedding turned out beautiful!  We are very excited for our new brother in law, Eric King.  Some highlights during the ceremony were Ella tripping as she was walking up the stage, me getting to wear 5 inch hot pink high heels, and Asher stopping in the middle of the aisle and had to be lured by daddy holding a lollipop (in which he devoured the whole thing including half of the stick and we couldn’t get the stick out of his hand for pictures because he would start crying!)

Before the wedding we all got manis/pedis!

We all had tank tops that read ‘bridesmaid’ or ‘flower girl’!  Of course Jessica’s

said, “Mrs. King” with a crown on it!

me and my girls before the ceremony

Classic Ella face!

my beautiful sister, Jessica, and me
the girls peeking downstairs at all the guests arriving!
the new Mr. and Mrs. Eric King!
Asher kept his tux and flower on all night!
Ella dancing on daddy’s feet!
sisters dancing the night away!