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Ella’s Aggie game!

Bless James’ heart!  He went to the Aggie game last Saturday with Ella and Asher, and it was cold, rainy, late night, AND a heart-breaking loss at the end of the game!  He was a trooper, bringing all their ski gear so they would stay warm and dry!  They still had a good time with grandpa, despite the circumstances!


Ella and the Ags

Ella got to go to the Aggie game last night in which we WHOOPED SC State!!  70-14!!  What a fun game to go to since the tradition at A&M is to give a kiss when the Ags score.  Ella got LOTS of kisses from daddy!
Before the game in her new hat!

Grandpa and grandma went to the game with Ella and James, and they spoiled her with lots of Aggie love. She told me she had an “Aggie Spirit” flavored sno cone!


Pardon the 12th Man towel in your face!

we’re just showing our spirit!
half time lovin’
Ella posing with the SEC

I thought they would want to leave the game early since it was a blow out, but Ella really wanted to walk on the field after the game!

Aggie Spirit!!

are you ready for some football?

According to the preseason rankings, Texas A&M apparently is not. I saw one poll ranking us #71 out of 119 college football teams this season.
Geesh. Our first game is this Saturday at 6 p.m. against New Mexico.

I know A&M does not have cheerleaders (ahem, male YELL leaders thank you), but in an effort to appease little Aggie girls everywhere, the stores always come out with Aggie cheerleader outfits that grandmas love to buy for their granddaughters. 😉

Enjoy Ella’s Aggie cheers! (I’m not sure that she has a future career in cheerleading…now I wasn’t a cheerleader in high school but, aren’t you supposed to be smiling at all times?!?)  She looks like she’s in pain half of the time!

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