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Rodeo Austin 2014!

I grew up going to the fair every summer, and I just LOVE taking my kids to the fair every spring break when it comes to town!  Maybe next year, we will bring the kids to the rodeo too!  🙂  I love taking pictures at the carnvial, maybe it’s all the colors, or maybe it’s their faces when on the rides!  We had a great time at the fair this year, with nice weather and no crowds!  We went on almost all the rides!

Look at Asher running into the fairgrounds!

Ella learning how to milk a cow!  Not too invested though-lol

Asher and his cousin with their dream truck!

Rilyn at the petting zoo with baby goats!

This rodeo mascot loved to dance with the girls!

Pig races were a hit as usual!

Lunch break before we hit all the carnival rides!

Can you find Asher on the bridge?

Potato sack slide!

Asher wasn’t feeling well right after lunch so he didn’t enjoy it this time around!

Rilyn loves her spinning rides!

Did I mention she LOVES spinning rides? She went on this 3 times by herself!

Favorite part of the fun house? The end spinning wheel of course!

Asher’s favorite ride-Genesis!

James was cracking up here because Asher was telling him one of his body parts “feels funny” when the ride goes around and around! LOL

“it tickles me!” LOL

Ella taking flight

Had to have a cotton candy snack break!

sticky fingers…

Dragon Swing!

Time to go home! What a great day!


more carnival fun!

Time for bumper cars!  Rilyn seems like she might develop road rage when she becomes a driver!  Watch out!

look out!
oops!  You bumped me!

Rilyn started going on the rides all by herself because me and James had enough spinning. She loved the enclosed space ship where you spin around so fast that you stick to the wall!

Rilyn exits, very proud of “big-girlness”

Dragon swing time!

me and the kiddos

Ella wanted to barf the whole time, can you see her hand over her mouth?

Check out Ella’s eye…sheer terror…get me off!

Rilyn sat across from us, much higher up, so she could experience more of a thrill!

This was the one ride that Rilyn did not like afterward. Probably because her stomach was DONE being dropped and spun all day!

And to finish off our busy day…COTTON CANDY!!!

As our kids get older, it is so fun to watch them experience the fair! We almost hit up every ride too! Until next March, Austin Rodeo!!


Carnival fun!

My kids’ favorite thing at the carnival is the fun houses!  I grew up going to the Orange County fair, and I loved the fun houses too, so it brings a big smile to my face to see them enjoying the mirror houses and moving floors so much!
James made a really neat video of our day. You can see it here!

and they’re off running!
mirror maze!

Asher and Rilyn love fast rides! They would go on all of them together and it was really cute to watch. After each fast ride, Asher would get off and say, “I almost threw up!” and then laugh like it was the best feeling in the world! 🙂

I love his “Bluesteel” Zoolander face on this ride!


More rides with daddy! (Why do they have to airbrush seductive women on the rides?!)

More fun houses!

superman ride!
Love Asher’s face in this!
me and Rilyn!

After seeing this picture, I realize just how dangerous ferris wheels can be! Do you see Asher’s head hanging over the cart?!?


around and down!

After the pig races, we stopped at the kiddie ferris wheel and super slide!

Do you see Ella?

I love Ella’s face in this one!

Asher looks like he might lose his breakfast!

Next up-“tractor rides”!

All this fun, and we hadn’t even walked over to the carnival side of the rodeo! Carnival, here we come!!


petting zoo peril

We went to Rodeo Austin on Tuesday and like always, we start our day off at the Kidstown petting zoo!  Ella never has a problem with the animals.  Rilyn, because she is 8 1/2, tries to put on a brave face, but inside she is scared to death, and Asher still doesn’t care about showing the world how much he dislikes animals (of any kind.)

our traditional trash can picture (because I need to see the Rodeo logo!)

There was a kangaroo at the petting zoo this year with a baby in it’s pouch!

Cousin Caden and Asher planning out their day!

the map!

The dreaded petting zoo…

to be fair, that sheep is extremely large

Here is Rilyn’s experience…poor girl.

I am brave.  Deers are nice.

Attack of the deers!!


“Mom, they’re eating my clothes!!”

Unable to hide her disdain for the petting zoo.

I’m outta here!

Ella, our animal lover!

Next up, we walked over to the pig races!

They have different races, and one race all the pigs were dressed in college attire.

Of course, the A&M pig was winning, and Rilyn was a little excited! 🙂

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