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sisters’ love

Asher celebrated his fourth birthday today.  His actual birthday is Tuesday, but his party day was today!  Rilyn and Ella were so sweet to him this morning.  Before his soccer game, they made a treasure hunt and the last clue led him to this homemade gas station/car track that apparently they have been working on secretly all week after we put them to bed.  They said they’ve been hiding it in their closet.  I can’t get upset at them for wanting to give something to their brother that truly was from their hearts! I love how the cars are made from toilet paper rolls!

of course Asher had to add a “real car” to the track!  He didn’t quite get the “homemade” cars!  🙂

After that, Rilyn led him outside to show him his big present…his first bike!

I love this picture because I don’t take too many pictures that capture the love that Rilyn and Ella have for Asher.

loving hands
I’ll help you
not quite sure…