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going for the ‘stache

Last July, after the girls had their visit with the dentist, you may remember that Ella was very unhappy to pull out of their ‘gumball machine’ this.

Well, this past week, as I told the girls it was time to go back to the dentist, the first thing Ella said was, “I hope I get another mustache!”   (I guess being four now makes for an attitude change!)  So, this year, much to her delight, after her dentist visit, the office had a filled gumball machine solely dedicated to stick-on fake mustaches (must of been a popularly requested prize!)  Here is her picture this year!  (Stay tuned for their next appointment in July where I hear, if she is lucky, she may pull out a pink mustache!)

You may notice she got a different style ‘stache this time!

**As for Rilyn, she again chose to go for a more girly prize! Shocking!