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after school!

The first day of school is under their belt and they all came home to a yummy after school treat!

4th grade, 2nd grade, and kindergarten cookies! Congratulations on your first day back kiddos!


new beginnings!

Well, after 9 years…the day has finally come!  All three of my babies are now in elementary school!  It is pretty surreal, and *slightly* exciting!  Can you tell?!?  😉

So maybe they’re not too thrilled…but mommy is!

Rilyn started fourth grade today. She came into our room this morning at 5:30 a.m. all dressed and ready to go! I sent her back to bed, but she couldn’t sleep because she was so excited!

She has only two teachers this year (last year she had three!)

Her home room teacher! I tried my best to crop out the t.u. flag on the wall behind her! 🙂

Ella started 2nd grade today. Her highlight is having the same teacher as she did in 1st grade. We LOVE Mrs. Stein!

Asher started kindergarten today. He was so nervous and wouldn’t even eat his special breakfast this morning-a poptart! As soon as he got into his classroom though, his nerves settled and he told me he was hungry! :/

Have a great day!


Full Circle

I know there will be many ‘full circles’ in my life, and today is definitely one of them.

I left my Kindergarten teaching position in Fort Bend ISD after 2 years to have my first baby and stay at home with her.

Today, my first baby entered Kindergarten.

It was a joyful morning for both of us!  No tears.  Really, I’m just so excited for her because I know how she thrives in classroom settings and how much she will love kindergarten!  (I mean I love kindergarten that’s why I taught it!)

Here are the classic first day of school pics:

so giddy about school
7 a.m. bright and early!
Rilyn and Ms. Kerley, her teacher.