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Pop Warner Central Texas Cheer Competition 2012

Here is Rilyn’s routine!  They did great, and got 2nd place out of 4 teams.  The top 3 teams advance, so that means they move on to the Southwest Regionals in Dallas in late November!

about to warm up!
doing the routine!
at the end…parade of champions!
group shot!
I love how the Falcons are crossed arms hoping to make it to Dallas!
We got 2nd!!!  We made it to Dallas!!
running to get the trophy!
they worked so hard for this!!
roses from daddy
tender moment
yep, I’m a cheer mom!

Falcon homecoming!

Last Saturday, Rilyn’s cheerleading/football league had their “homecoming” game.  All that means is it’s an excuse for the cheerleaders to wear mums and the parents decorate signs to hang around the field!  🙂  This is Rilyn’s 3rd mum (and she is only 8!).  They get more extravagant each year it seems like.  I have yet to make one…but I’m sure my time will come!

During halftime, Rilyn was presented with the Pop Warner Lil’ Scholar award for having a grade average of 99%. She is one smart cookie!

Rilyn has mastered the cartwheel, which is a big accomplishment for her! Next up? She wants to master the splits!


Are you ready for some cheerleading?!?

Rilyn started her 3rd season of cheerleading with the Pop Warner Manor Falcons yesterday!

and the bows just keep getting bigger!!
Rilyn on the far left of the picture
gotta cheer LOUD!
I think she has the “loud” part down!

are you ready for some football?

According to the preseason rankings, Texas A&M apparently is not. I saw one poll ranking us #71 out of 119 college football teams this season.
Geesh. Our first game is this Saturday at 6 p.m. against New Mexico.

I know A&M does not have cheerleaders (ahem, male YELL leaders thank you), but in an effort to appease little Aggie girls everywhere, the stores always come out with Aggie cheerleader outfits that grandmas love to buy for their granddaughters. 😉

Enjoy Ella’s Aggie cheers! (I’m not sure that she has a future career in cheerleading…now I wasn’t a cheerleader in high school but, aren’t you supposed to be smiling at all times?!?)  She looks like she’s in pain half of the time!

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