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a little Griswold…

We did not have any family gathering on the actual Thanksgiving day so we decided to decorate for Christmas starting the day before Thanksgiving.  Well, things went a little “Griswold”, when hearing a big crash, James came in through the door holding his elbow and leg, and whimpering.  He was putting up our Christmas lights, (which is a big task), and the ladder slipped off of the edge of our roof where it was leaning!  The ladder came down and crashed into Asher’s window!  James fell down too, at the bottom of the ladder!  He could of been so much more seriously hurt, and thankfully, only a few scratches on his elbow and his leg was pretty bruised up.  When I saw the window, I started laughing (after I realized James was okay)!  I immediately had to take pictures!

After the “incident”, we decorated our tree on Friday!

We left Friday afternoon for College Station where we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family at the Octaranch! My dad finished the tree house that he has been working so hard on! We call it the “Aggie Shack!”

My dad loves to take us for walks around the property too!

I even get cows to pose for my pictures! lol

The cows were friendly enough to follow!

my sister and Ella!

cousins and best friends!

our Thanksgiving dinner!

goodbye fall! Onto the Christmas season!