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We couldn’t go to California without going to The Happiest Place on Earth!  We love Disneyland!  This was my kids’ 5th time going!

We went to California Adventure first!

My dad treated us to the tickets that day to celebrate my grandpa’s life!

Toy Story Mania!

Me and my dad!

Poor Ella, we always force her to go on “fast” rides with us!

Can you tell she is scared?

Rilyn loves the Cars ride!

Goofy’s Sky School ride!

Ella got her slow ride at Bug’s Land

Time to go to Disneyland!

We made sure Ella got to ride her favorite ride-It’s A Small World!

While we went on the Matterhorn, Ella and grandpa went on the Storybook Canal Boats


Jungle Cruise!

Asher’s favorite ride-Space Mountain!

looooooong line

Ella managed to sneak off this ride with grandpa right when we boarded

Rilyn’s favorite ride-Thunder Mountain!

pure joy

Asher’s souvenir

Paint the Night parade!

It was another magical day at the Magic Kingdom!


Huntington Beach

During my teen years, I grew up going to Huntington Beach.  Every time we travel to southern California, we take our kids there, and they LOVE it!  This time, they even tried boogie boarding!


the summer of Hawaiian Falls

We had passes (with two other families) to Hawaiian Falls this summer and boy, was that a good idea!!  Moms relaxed and chatted while the kids ran around the park having the time of their life!  Here are some pictures from one of our last trips to HF.  We’ll be back next year!!!

me and my Ella Bella

Me and my busta’ man!

Hawaiian Falls had “Dive In” movies during the summer nights-SO COOL! We watched Soul Surfer!


Pine Cove 2015

Asher went to Pine Cove Camp in the City, and the girls went to their 2nd year of week long overnight camp at Pine Cove in Columbus, Texas.  Ella went to Silverado again, but Rilyn went to Outback, her first year at Junior High camp!  They had a blast as usual, and came away with new friends and closer to Jesus!

Waiting in line to enter camp!

Her cabin

Her counselor!

Rilyn waiting to get into camp!

Her cabin

Her counselor!


July 4th!

This fourth of July we spent at the Octaranch with a few of our friend! There was about 30 of us in all, and we had a blast (literally shooting firerworks off at dusk!)

Our family!

This July 4th we had the Richardsons, Moss’, Beans, Paquettes, and the Ericksons all gather at the Octaranch for a big party!



We had water gun wars!


Shooting BB guns!

Playing Nerf Lazer tag! James loved it so much as you can tell!

Grandpa drove the tractor around!

Water balloon fight!

Rilyn and Ella meant business…
Target: Asher

Something tells me Asher will get payback one day…

Water balloon toss!

The cows and bull came close to join the party!

At dusk, we started lighting fireworks!

First up-smoke bombs!

Rilyn lit a bumblebee. Can you see it?

A little sparkler fun!

After we lit our own fireworks, we went to George Bush Library to watch the big show!

Ladies man! Jakers and the girls!

It was a perfect day!


Lake Livingston

We spent Father’s Day weekend at Lake Livingston with some of our best friends, the Moss’!  They let us crash their RV campsite and their boat!  We had such a great time!

Tubing at sunset and getting a little crazy!

Me and my honey

That night we made s’mores!

We also went with the Richardsons and I told the 8 kids to “look tough” before getting on the boat!

Eating lunch after the morning boat ride!

A little b-ball!


Chicken fighting in the pool-Cole vs. Rilyn!

Jake vs. Ella!

Asher vs. Anna!

Our cabin that we stayed in on the property.

The three families! We’ve known each other since 2008!

The kids were free to ride their bikes around the camp! Look at the beautiful trees!

Father’s Day gift! (Nerf Lazer tag!)

All the dads opening their gifts

Sunday afternoon boat ride and I’m doing what I do-take pictures!

Ella be chillin’

and jumpin’

Rilyn got up on the wakeboard for the first time! Look at that determination!! So proud of her!

Daddy giving Rilyn a proud kiss after she wakeboarded!

This was Ella’s 2nd time wakeboarding and she did awesome at it!

I water-skied too!

James is a pro!

Time for a Father’s Day dinner-steaks and corn on the cob!


Sunday night, Eddie and James decided to go crazy tubing!


last day of school 2015!

First, Third, and Fifth grade were good to us, but we are ready for summer!!

What was waiting for the kids on the porch when they got home from their last day of school!

didn’t get a picture of them running through this this year! 😦

When the kids got off the bus, I had some neighborhood kids waiting for them with water balloons! Asher was overjoyed! Ella got off the bus crying because she misses third grade already and her teacher! Rilyn ducked and covered at first, but then got into it!

it was pj day at school…

full out water balloon war!

Asher got soaked!

My photography business!

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