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petting zoo peril

We went to Rodeo Austin on Tuesday and like always, we start our day off at the Kidstown petting zoo!  Ella never has a problem with the animals.  Rilyn, because she is 8 1/2, tries to put on a brave face, but inside she is scared to death, and Asher still doesn’t care about showing the world how much he dislikes animals (of any kind.)

our traditional trash can picture (because I need to see the Rodeo logo!)

There was a kangaroo at the petting zoo this year with a baby in it’s pouch!

Cousin Caden and Asher planning out their day!

the map!

The dreaded petting zoo…

to be fair, that sheep is extremely large

Here is Rilyn’s experience…poor girl.

I am brave.  Deers are nice.

Attack of the deers!!


“Mom, they’re eating my clothes!!”

Unable to hide her disdain for the petting zoo.

I’m outta here!

Ella, our animal lover!

Next up, we walked over to the pig races!

They have different races, and one race all the pigs were dressed in college attire.

Of course, the A&M pig was winning, and Rilyn was a little excited! 🙂


Rodeo Austin aka “lots of fun houses!”

We ventured out to the Austin rodeo on Friday for our last official day of Spring Break!  I made Asher wear his sisters’ boots because they technically are “unisex”, and he can finally fit in them, (I bought them almost 4 years ago), and I thought it was cute that all of my kids have now worn the same article of clothing!  No matter that he only wore them for about 2 of the 5 hours we were there, I got a picture of him wearing them, and that is that. 🙂

I make this fence look good!  😉

We headed into the petting zoo first, and like I thought, my dear son who is deathly afraid of dogs, did NOT like the idea of going into a giant cage with gnawing goats and deer. (Even Rilyn is still unsure of how she feels, but hides it a lot better!)  Here is Asher hanging on daddy for dear life…

hold me daddy!

Ella-same old Ella, she tells the animals who she will feed, and who she will not feed!

“I will NOT give you any food, you are rude!”

Finally, we headed to the carnival side of the rodeo, which is really the only reason we go each year. I grew up going to the Orange County fair every summer and have fond memories of all the fun houses and crazy rides. It is neat to see it through my kid’s eyes now.

Fun House #1:

Fun House #2:

the floor was so hard to walk on throughout this one!
I love how James swooped Asher up before falling into my camera out of the spinning exit!

Fun House #3:

I loved the mirror maze when I was a kid!
I could audibly hear Ella’s head thumping against the mirrors as she smashed into them!
Can you see Asher sliding down the yellow slide?

Fun House #4:

Ella sliding down!

Ella was finally tall enough to ride the swings this year. I rode with them, and James used his iphone to take pictures from the ground. We cover all angles in this family! 😉


This is how I must always look everywhere I go with my kids…camera in front of my face! Can you see me between the girls?

We tried a “haunted house”! (It was SO LAME!!)

but the kids were still scared!

The girls had to do the potato sack slide!  (One of my favorites when I was a kid too!)

Ella is screaming of course!

Asher’s favorite ride was the ferris wheel!

momma’s boy!

Ella’s favorite thing was the cotton candy, I’m sure!

treat time!

But then daddy took her on some fast rides and she had to keep her mouth closed “in case the throw up would come out!”

love how Rilyn and Ella have such opposite expressions!
about to fly!
Rilyn loves fast, spinning rides!

The chaos of the day was all worth it for James when he got this:


Last stop was the pig races which is pretty cheesy, (Brad PIG vs. Kevin BACON vs. Justin BeiBOAR), but the kids love it.

these pigs are racing for an oreo as their “prize”

And after 5 hours at the rodeo, Asher was ready to go. Not even a picture with the Rodeo pig would cheer him up! Can you tell?


spring BREAK

And by ‘break’ I mean James and I got to take a 2 day ‘getaway’ to the Hyatt Lost Pines resort and spa in Bastrop, TX. We were so blessed to have James’ parents take the girls for a week and my parents take Asher for a couple of days!  I know the kids had more fun than we did.  Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful to have some R&R, just the two of us, but let’s just say our hotel didn’t live up to expectations.  (For starters, we walked into a dirty hotel room….eeewww!  Nothing like seeing someone else’s wet towels and sheets on the floor when you walk in!)  The list goes on from there(we actually moved hotel rooms twice)…BUT we did have a wonderful time golfing together(my first time to golf 18 holes!) and I would like to try golfing again (there is just that little thing called childcare!)  And we had a ‘duet massage’ that was nice in the resort’s spa.

From March 2009
From March 2009

The girls had such a blast going on their first train ride to Oklahoma City with their Oma and Papaw Bear. In ‘Bricktown’ they were busy visiting all the tourist attractions.

Can’t go on a train without conductor hats!              From March 2009
Bottoms Up!  on the train                   From March 2009
What was in that bottle Ella??                           From March 2009
totally Ella          From March 2009
again…totally Ella          From March 2009
Strike a pose                                                         From March 2009
Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory    From March 2009
From March 2009
From March 2009

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