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Back to School!

We’ve got a 6th grader, 4th grader, and a 2nd grader!  Everyone is at new schools this year too!  Crazy!  Rilyn is at Athlos Leadership Academy and Ella and Asher are at our new neighborhood school, Shadowglen Elementary!

First day of school!

Rilyn started school a whole day before the others, so she got her giant “6” cookie first!

Ella and Asher get to be bikers!

Almost to school!

Asher and his teacher!

Ella and her teacher!

First day after school means giant cookie time!!


last day of school 2015!

First, Third, and Fifth grade were good to us, but we are ready for summer!!

What was waiting for the kids on the porch when they got home from their last day of school!

didn’t get a picture of them running through this this year! 😦

When the kids got off the bus, I had some neighborhood kids waiting for them with water balloons! Asher was overjoyed! Ella got off the bus crying because she misses third grade already and her teacher! Rilyn ducked and covered at first, but then got into it!

it was pj day at school…

full out water balloon war!

Asher got soaked!


School awards!

End of the school year is always a fun time because you get to celebrate your children’s accomplishments.  My three worked so hard this past school year, and we are super proud of them!!

Asher got “A Honor Roll” for the whole year!

He also won a 4th place medal for Accelerated Reader points in all of first grade!

Ella won a 1st place medal for Accelerated Reader points in all of 3rd grade!

Ella also won the math and reading award in her class for getting a perfect score on STAAR reading and she missed one on STAAR math!!

Ella also got A Honor Roll all year and won the Presidents Award for Educational Excellence in her class

Ella’s teacher, Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin won best teacher in the district last year and this year won best teacher in Austin! Ella has a special bond with her and we love her too!

Rilyn won a 6th place medal for Accelerated Reader points in all of 5th grade, all A Honor Roll all year, the Presidents Award for Educational Excellence in her class, the reading and science award for her class for having commended scores in STAAR on math, reading, and science!

Rilyn also was presented a gavel for serving at Student Council president this past year! Praying big things for this girl! She is a true leader!

So proud of this girl! She was at Manor Elementary since preschool! Here she is on graduation day-7 years later!

A few days later, Rilyn was in the school talent show! She sang a duet with Eveany-A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and sang Style by Taylor Swift with a group of girls. 🙂


First day of school 2014!

Summer is over and school has started back!!  Rilyn is in 5th, Ella in 3rd, and Asher in 1st!  We pray that they would be salt and light to their friends and teachers at school!

Asher’s signature in first grade

Rilyn’s signature in fifth grade!

Ella’s signature in third grade (she is learning cursive this year.)

He was very nervous before school.

Rilyn was ready to rule the school!

Our annual first day of school pictures with the Richardsons!

matching BFFs!! This is their 7th year to dress alike on the first day of school!

Check it out!

The boys! This is Caden and Asher’s fifth year to dress alike!

Check it out!

Asher’s teacher, Mrs. Martinez!

Ready to learn!

Ella has two teachers this year. Here is her homeroom teacher!

Ella’s teacher, (and a personal friend!), Mrs. Griffin-Hamlin

Rilyn also has two teachers this year. Here is her homeroom teacher!

Rilyn and her bff, Shaliya!

coming home off the bus! They has a great day! Thumbs UP all around!

When they got home, they were greeted with presents from grandma, and cookies from me!


LAST day of Kindergarten!

While the girls were off at summer camp for a week, Asher had his last day of kindergarten on June 4th!

After Asher came home, we went to the neighborhood pool to kick off the summer!! I got to try out my new Pentax Optio WG-3 GPS purple 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD Screen (Purple)
that I got for my birthday!

Asher and one of his best friends!



After the dance recital, James and I celebrated 13 years of marriage!  We got his and hers pedicures (his first one, but won’t be the last!), and some yummy Thai food!  LOL

The next week, the kids all had their grade level awards ceremonies and they each did outstanding! Asher got the boys Principal’s Award which means “most improved”. He is reading on a first grade level, and loves art and is beginning to really write!

Ella is reading on a high 3rd grade level, and won 2nd place in her whole grade level (110 students), for Accelerated Reader points! She got a trophy too!  She got “All A Honor Roll”, and she also won the “Math award” in her class for being so great at math!

Her AR trophy

Ella and her 1st and 2nd grade teacher! We will miss her SO MUCH!

Unfortunately, Rilyn had to miss her actual 4th grade ceremony, and so her sweet teacher gave her a personal one in class on her last day of school. Rilyn won 1st place in her whole grade level for Accelerated Reader points and won the “History Award” in her class because she is always so curious, and wants to learn about everything history! She got “All A Honor Roll” too!

Rilyn and her teacher!


after school!

The first day of school is under their belt and they all came home to a yummy after school treat!

4th grade, 2nd grade, and kindergarten cookies! Congratulations on your first day back kiddos!

My photography business!

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