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pumpkin patch 2014

Oh how I love traditions, and one of them is going to the pumpkin patch each fall!  Here is our annual pumpkin patch pictures at Elgin Christmas Tree Farm!

Rilyn age 10

Ella age 8 1/2

Asher almost 6 1/2

Um, I did not tell Ella to do this! Crazy girl

Hay Mountain was a hit this year!

My kids love all the mazes too!

Hay Ride!

The kids look forward to seeing the ghost in the toilet each year as we ride through the “spooky forest”! LOL

Rilyn and Anna!

Corn field maze!


pumpkin patch!

We made our annual visit to the pumpkin patch this year!  It was our 7th time going to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm!  Wow!!  I believe we went on the hottest day of the year with the humidity!!  The kids were troopers, (maybe because we packed lots of candy corn!)  James and I took 5 kids by ourselves because we were babysitting our nephews, Eli and Caden, age 16 months and 4!  James knew that I wasn’t leaving until I got “the shots”, so he did his best at posing the kids, and I think we got some cute ones!!


Rilyn-age 9

Ella- age 7 1/2

Asher- age 5 1/2

Tractor ride!

Always a favorite! Duck Races!


Hay bale maze!

bff cousins!


pumpkin patch!

We made our annual visit to the pumpkin patch on the kids school’s holiday, Columbus Day. We love Elgin Christmas Tree Farm!

Ella’s jack-o-lantern smile!

Growing into a young lady!

my three pumpkins!
ella being ella!

It’s always more fun to go with friends!

tractor ride!
don’t worry cousin, I’ll help you find your way out
maze 1
maze 2
maze 3
duck races with Asher and his cousin!

farm fun in Elgin

Off we went Friday afternoon to catch a few more pics of the kids in the pumpkins…

I title this pic, “Are you sure she won’t drop me mommy?”    From October 2008
From October 2008
From October 2008
From October 2008
From October 2008
From October 2008
this swing tastes yummy!                      From October 2008
Ella called herself the “talking flower”  From October 2008
hayride                                     From October 2008
From October 2008

patch pics (round 1)

So, I realized that it is much harder to get all 3 kids together for pumpkin patch pics now that Rilyn is in preschool every day and Ella is in preschool twice a week.  Today, we had round 1 of pictures with just Asher and Rilyn.  Hopefully we can make it again this week so Ella will be included.  😉

From October 2008
From October 2008
From October 2008
From October 2008

Pumpkin Patch visit #2

So, I really wanted to pick the girl’s pumpkins when the weather got cooler.  FINALLY we had a beautiful day and so off we went to the patch (a different one this time) to pick a pumpkin for Rilyn and Ella (baby #3 got a mini one too).   Rilyn can’t wait to carve this year and wants to get ‘the yucky stuff’ out “all by herself.”  😉  We went with our great friends, Cole and Anna Richardson.  They had a blast chasing each other and having races.


October Update!

Okay so a lot has been happening in the past couple of weeks!  Let me catch you up!  First, let me be ‘official’ and now announce my third pregnancy on our website.  We are thrilled and are due April 27th.  We find out the sex of our baby Dec. 5th!

Second, James turned 29 October 2nd.  He got his ipod he has been wanting forever and so I think it was a good day!

Third, Rilyn fell down the driveway skipping and got her first big ‘bonk’ on her forehead.  As you can see it left a big bruise!  Our poor baby!

Fourth, we went to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm where they sell pumpkins in the fall.  It was only 95 degrees that day, so we weren’t sweating or anything!  😉