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Merry Christmas!

May your only excess this season be of LOVE and JOY!

photoshop fun!

We chose this theme this year because we are going to be taking Rilyn and Ella to the Dominican Republic on a family mission trip in late July! We live with so much excess in our lives and we want the girls to see how truly blessed from God we are. We know He will do BIG things in the DR with each one of us. Break our hearts for what breaks His. Create in us a renewed love for others. Encourage us to go to the nations in the name of Jesus and spread His Love.
Here are some of the other shots that didn’t make the card, but still cute none the less!

my girls
love Asher’s look here
mamas boy

Thanksgiving x2

We hosted Thanksgiving for James’ family again this year.  We celebrated on Saturday and had 15 people here!  It was a great time had by all and I think we can call our dessert portion a success when we had 6 pies/cakes, cookies, and chocolates!  We all ate some vegan dishes too, thanks to aunt Mandy and Allen!  James said the vegan strawberry cheesecake made the list of the top 3 cheesecakes he has ever had!

the kids table
Rilyn’s beloved aunt

Our guest of honor for 2 years in a row is James’ maternal grandmother. How special is it for my kids to spend the holidays with her?

great gramma

I started a new Thanksgiving tradition this year at my house that I found on another blog.  Here is the link if you want to print the banner flags for next year. Every year I plan on making another banner and so each year, I will accumulate another banner to decorate my house!  Each banner will be full of all the things we were thankful for that year!  By the time my kids are grown, my house will be FILLED with banners during Thanksgiving time!

I made each person write what they were thankful for .  (Asher really told me those things!)
2011 Banner will be hanging up next Thanksgiving 15 flags long!

Thanksgiving 2011

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family on Wednesday!  I believe this is our first posed group shot since Jessica’s wedding 2 years ago.

Eric, Jessica, James, Julie, Jeff, Becca

Ella, Grandpa, Caden, Grandma, Asher, and Rilyn

Of course, we always do the “around the dining room table” shot!

Thanksgiving meal

Grandparents with the grandkids! I love Asher and Ella’s faces in this picture!


Go Ags!

This is a quick post to let you know that James is in Lubbock right now cheering on the Aggies.  I’m assuming that he is probably wearing one of these shirts. (And he actually asked for the Adidas Aggie shirt on the right bottom for his birthday from my mom!) Ugh. There is such a thing as too much maroon dear.  And he would argue with you that all these shirts are completely different and serve unique purposes.  😛


Happy 33rd!

James said he finally will remember how old he is this year because he can remember the number 33.  Seriously, is this what happens as you age?  You forget how old you are?

Well, James didn’t get the best sports birthday weekend with the Aggies and Cowboys losing, but at least the Rangers won!

Another “fun thing” as you age, you start asking for lamer and lamer presents.  This year he told me to use any money we would spend on his birthday to put toward sprinklers.  Blah.  😛  Oh well, the way to this man’s heart is food anyway.  I’ve made banana pudding, cheesecake, and strawberry yogurt pies, and that’s just the sweets I’ve made!  I also bought all his favorite junk food at the grocery store.  And made his favorite dinners, so he should be going to the gym everyday from here until Christmas.  🙂

I love this man so much.  Thanking God for the 14 years I’ve known him!

this was obviously before watching the Aggie game b/c otherwise his shirt would of been changed.

flashback Friday-best legs

In honor of James’ birthday weekend, I am choosing to poke a little fun at him!

James was voted “Best Legs” in his senior yearbook in 1997!  All those years of soccer really paid off!

Yes, he has a heart next to his eye, probably from some silly girl.

California vacation day 8

Sunday was my cousin’s wedding day!  My kids did very well being the flower girls and ring bearer and were party animals at the reception!  Seriously, they had a photo booth at the reception, and Rilyn was taking pictures with bridesmaids that we didn’t even know!  The girls were in the center of dance circles and dancing with strangers.  It was crazy to see how extroverted they were!  Asher was spinning out of control on the dance floor and falling half the time.  He loved it (and all the attention), and laughed the entire time!

*All professional photographs by Bluephoto

coming down the aisle

I got to sit in the second row and had a pretty good view!


I love this shot I took of Ella sitting on great grandpa Erickson’s lap during the ceremony.

I also love this one! He was so cute in his lime green bow tie and never fussed with it once!

All dressed up!

*Professional photography-The wedding party! I love this shot because we had just pulled up Asher’s pants and apparently we pulled them up too high! 🙂

He never smiled for the group shot BUT he didn’t cry either!

*Professional-The reception. You can see James and Ella dancing in the bottom middle of the photograph.


Asher dancing with the bride!

so sweet

*Professional shot-the girls dancing with the groom!

swinging good time!


The girls always wanted to dance near the bride!

The busta’ man bustin’ a move!

*Professional shot-spinning!

Needless to say, nobody wanted to leave early, but we had to get up at 3:30 a.m. the next morning to catch our early flight from LAX (not a fan of that airport) to Austin. It was the best family vacation yet! And we just get more excited thinking about our kids getting older and being able to do more fun things together!!!!

My photography business!

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