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pumpkin carving!

The night before Halloween, we carve up our pumpkins!  We use this time to talk about the pumpkin gospel too.

Asher was NOT having it this year. He just wanted to watch and not touch any pumpkin “goo”.

The girls pulled out the pulp, not happy about it, but they did it.

Then they enjoyed some candy corn lollipops courtesy of grandma (matching shirts too)!

Here are our carved pumpkins! James carved Ella’s and Asher’s. I carved Rilyn’s.

go Aggies!

Spooky Skedaddle!

Last night we went to the Spooky Skedaddle 5K, an event to fundraise for the Texas School for the Deaf.  I took pictures for the event, and much to my surprise, (and everyone else’s!), Ryan Gosling showed up!  He is in town shooting a movie, and was there to use some background scenes.  Anyway, I snapped a picture of him before his handler told me “NO PICTURES!”  Oops!  😉 There was literally 5 feet between me and Ryan! 🙂

Hey Girl…

James brought the kids up while I worked (taking pictures of the runners at the finish line!) The kids were excited to dress in their brand new costumes their grandma brought them earlier that day!

There was hair coloring!

Captain America!

Hot air balloon trick or treating!  (Seriously, in Texas, we do it BIG!)

Face painting!

princess Ella

I love this shot of the full moon behind one of the hot air balloons as Ella and Asher go “trick or treating”. (Rilyn was in line for the “age 8 and up” Haunted House.)

Balloon Darts!

And glow-in-the-dark cotton candy! Seriously genius! Talk about a fundraiser money maker!  I have to remember this idea!

Ella finished hers first so she could play with her new glow stick!

Barbie and the Three Musketeers #2!

*Halloween Preview*

Ella will be the pink musketeer on Halloween!  Check Rilyn’s pics out for a link on how to make the duct tape boots!


the Hulk!!

**Halloween Preview**

Asher will be the Hulk for Halloween!  His costume comes with a mask, but I think for trick or treating, to be safe, we will go without.  I found this Jake and the Neverland Pirate wig that looks pretty cool with it!
(I realize his Hulk hands are upside down-oops!)


Barbie and the Three Musketeers!

**Halloween Preview**

For Halloween this year, my girls wanted to be a musketeer from Barbie and the Three Musketeers movie.  They will be the pink and blue musketeer and their friend will be the purple musketeer.  (Yes, we realize we are missing a green musketeer, but oh well!)  🙂

So I went online to buy a costume.  No such luck.  I can’t sew, so I was stuck…until I did some digging on google images, and found a lady who made her daughter’s Musketeer boots with colored duct tape!  Now that is something I can do!  And the rest of the costume, (I made a corset from the duct tape/peltex interfacing too), is put together from odds and ends we already had or I bought!  Here is Rilyn, the blue Musketeer!


ghost town!

On Sunday, we ventured to the local ghost town.

What?!  You mean not every city has a local ghost town?!?  Oh, well, Manor does!  🙂 (I would recommend visiting after Halloween, because right now half of it is closed down due to private events setting up haunted houses.)

My kids favorite thing to do is play in the jail. I wouldn’t mind one of these in my house! 😉

let us out!

Asher has a little too much fun….hehehe

come on Asher, open up the door!

Ella robbed the bank and escaped!

clean getaway!

I tried to take a “ghost” picture, you can barely see Asher in the picture standing right by his sisters. I might try again in the dark next time.


Happy Halloween!!



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