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Halloween 2015

Asher was a Minecraft Creeper this year!

Look at me! I “dressed up” this year as a candy corn!

Ella was a character from Ever After High-Madeline Hatter!

Rilyn was also a character from Ever After High-Raven Queen!

Ever After High was popular this year! Anna was Kitty Cheshire!

Malachi the camo ninja vs. Asher the Creeper!

Asher will defend Cleopatra aka Evie!

Our annual neighborhood pre-trick-or-treating dinner picture!

Let the festivities begin!

What a crew!


Spooky house!

And they are done! Resting at our house…

Post-trick-or-treating s’mores!


Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

We didn’t get to go to the Elgin pumpkin patch this year because of our schedules and the rain.  Boo!  We managed to sneak a quick trip to a small pumpkin patch in Georgetown though because James knows my love language is pictures!  😉


Halloween 2014

We had one of best Halloweens this year!  I’m pretty sure this was because it wasn’t on a school night!  🙂  We carved pumpkins earlier in the week and Asher wanted me to carve Pikachu from Pokemon!  The girls can now carve their own pumpkins!  Yahoo!

This year Rilyn wanted to be Athena because she loves Greek mythology (from reading the Percy Jackson series). Ella followed suit, and was also a Greek goddess! Asher chose Darth Vader!

Darth discovers his softer side!

After pictures, we headed over to the Richardson’s house for a pre-trick-or-treating dinner. As a special treat this year, aunt Mandy and uncle Allen joined us!

Asher was getting tired and stayed behind with me towards nightfall to pass out candy!


Halloween 2013

the cousins!

Spiderman cousins!

Harry Potter and Hermoine aka Cole and Rilyn!

some of the loot!


our candy corn princess!

Ella LOVES candy corn, so what better than to be a Candy Corn Princess for Halloween this year?!?  She’s so “sweet”!

she wants to eat them all!


our spooky Sunday!

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means our family fun activities kick into high gear!  Every Halloween, we like to visit our local Ghost Town for a spooky lunch!

They have a stage there and wouldn’t you know it, our girls LOVED performing on it!

my Texan boys!

Next up for the day was pumpkin carving!  (And that means we teach the Pumpkin Gospel!)

my pumpkin heads!

dad, what a big knife you have!

ah, gotta love pulling out the pulp with your bare hands…I compare it to pulling hair out of the shower drain…:P

poor Asher, we MADE him do it!

He couldn’t get rid of the pulp on his hand fast enough!

Yay!  the girls can finally carve the pumpkins themselves! One day, I foresee the Paquettes having major pumpkin carving contests!  You like Ella’s sheer look of concentration?

The results! Two “Minecraft” pumpkins and one creation by Ella (which she hated by the way, she said it looked like a boy pumpkin!) Many tears were shed…(I guess we do still need to help her with the carving!)


Halloween 2012

We had a great Halloween this year!  We had our annual neighborhood chili Halloween pre-trick-or-treating dinner.  Love having all these kids get together!


Here is Rilyn, Ella, and Anna as Barbie (Ella) and the Three (okay so they are only two here) Musketeers!


Time to trick-or-treat!



My favorite photo from the night-Asher told Caden, his best friend, “It’s getting dark!” and then Asher grabbed Caden’s hand!

Thor and Hulk

James took the girls to some garage haunted houses in the neighborhood!