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sideline fun!

Asher had his second soccer game today!  James’ parents came from Fort Worth, (and surprised our kids), just to watch the game!  Asher touched the ball once, so he still has a ways to go with his skills, but he really seems like he enjoys running around the field following the ball!  He was so tired after the game, that he fell asleep while we were eating ice cream at a restaurant!  There was a lot going on today on the sidelines with Oma and Papaw here!

Papaw playing “king”
Rilyn riding her horse
half time (I love Papaw’s flower behind his ear)
encouragement from daddy and Oma

I did manage to capture Asher’s one touch of the ball on camera today!

he kicked it!
I like this one of Asher chasing the ball with his buddy

The best part of the game for Asher, (besides the snacks of course!) is the parent tunnel at the end where everyone is giving out high fives!

Thanks for driving 3 hours just to watch me!

spring BREAK

And by ‘break’ I mean James and I got to take a 2 day ‘getaway’ to the Hyatt Lost Pines resort and spa in Bastrop, TX. We were so blessed to have James’ parents take the girls for a week and my parents take Asher for a couple of days!  I know the kids had more fun than we did.  Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful to have some R&R, just the two of us, but let’s just say our hotel didn’t live up to expectations.  (For starters, we walked into a dirty hotel room….eeewww!  Nothing like seeing someone else’s wet towels and sheets on the floor when you walk in!)  The list goes on from there(we actually moved hotel rooms twice)…BUT we did have a wonderful time golfing together(my first time to golf 18 holes!) and I would like to try golfing again (there is just that little thing called childcare!)  And we had a ‘duet massage’ that was nice in the resort’s spa.

From March 2009
From March 2009

The girls had such a blast going on their first train ride to Oklahoma City with their Oma and Papaw Bear. In ‘Bricktown’ they were busy visiting all the tourist attractions.

Can’t go on a train without conductor hats!              From March 2009
Bottoms Up!  on the train                   From March 2009
What was in that bottle Ella??                           From March 2009
totally Ella          From March 2009
again…totally Ella          From March 2009
Strike a pose                                                         From March 2009
Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory    From March 2009
From March 2009
From March 2009

Asher’s Tree

Asher’s Oma, James’ mother, brought a special oak tree to celebrate his birth.  Together, Rilyn and Ella helped plant the tree in our front yard.  Asher will grow up with his tree and it is a special reminder of how much he is loved in our family.  Thanks Oma for helping us out this week-we truly appreciated it!!


Sea World

Yesterday, my parents took our family to Sea World San Antonio.  We could of done without the crowds and the heat, but the girls did really well (especially considering no naps!)  They were awed at the beauty and size of Shamu and the acrobatics of the dolphins.  Rilyn went on her first rollar coaster and we discovered she has no fear as she put her arms up on all the rides!  It was a great day with family!  Thanks mom and dad.  Check out more of our photos on our August photo link.

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