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Melissa Sandvig’s husband

Back in May, I blogged about how I had lunch with Melissa Sandvig (ummm…haven’t heard of her? Top 4 ladies on So You Think You Can Dance!) when we went on our Disney vacation. The reason I met her is because her now *famous* husband is my friend from 2nd grade! So, on our vacation, a bunch of us old friends ate lunch together.

Erik is such a sweet, supporting husband to Melissa. You may have seen him every week on the show doing something like this in the audience:

It’s no surprise to me. Look at him back in 1989!

Erik trying to ‘get seen’ AGAIN

So, what is the point of this blog today? Please VOTE for Melissa next week and get her to the top 3 ladies!! (And don’t you want to see what sign Erik will be holding up???)


So you think you can dance

I admit-I can’t wait for the season premiere tonight on FOX!  We loved the show last summer and this summer it is even sweeter because we know one of the contestants!  And, I saw her last night on the promo for the show during American Idol (by the way-so pumped that Kris Allen won!)  Okay, so everyone who reads this and watches the show…when voting starts, if Melissa Sandvig makes it, please vote for her!

Click here to watch the promo clip.  She is the ‘naughty ballerina’.  😉

Back story:  I met her because I’ve known her husband since 2nd grade!  When we went to California last month, we all had lunch together and of course I got a picture taken with her (just in case she becomes super famous!  lol)

Melissa Sandvig

Carny Time

James took Rilyn to the carnival (part of Rodeo Austin) Monday night along with our good friends Jeff and his son, Cole Richardson. Cole was pretty interested in watching the people work the food booths at the fair. James asked Cole quietly, “Do you want to be a carnie?” but Rilyn heard and loudly announced, “I want to be a carnie!!” Hmm, not the future I quite had in mind for her…

“Cole, follow me!” (story of his life when he is with Rilyn)

Childhood Wonder

So James and Jeff posed Cole to do this b/c they thought it would be funny. (James won’t think this is funny too much longer!!!!)


July 4th

We had our 3rd annual July 4th barbeque/pool party at my parents house.  We somehow managed to get a group shot of the kiddos this year.  From L to R:  Mason Rice, Anna Richardson, Ella Paquette, Rilyn Paquette, Ella Douglass, Cole Richardson, and Dasan Hill.

My photography business!

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