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these are the moments

Today was the first day that the good ‘ol wading pool came back out and I let the girls ‘swim’ in the backyard.  I had only two rules for the girls to follow:  No chalk in the pool and no sand in the pool.  They repeated the rules back to me and knew them.  I go back in the house and am pleasantly surprised how entertained they are and how much fun they are having.  I love watching them through the window when they think I’m not looking.  Awhile later I go back outside to find…dun Dun DUN…sand in the pool!  Rilyn immediately starts bawling when I asked who did it and she confesses that both her and Ella brought sand into the pool.  “Well, that’s it,” I said.  “No more pool for today.”  (Both girls are crying their eyes out now.)  You both broke the rule, and the consequence is no more pool/backyard for the rest of the day.  (You really would of thought I sentenced them to life in prison by the way they were crying-but this is how my girls are-DRAMATIC)  Then Rilyn, through her blurry eyes, looks up at me, ever so innocently, and asks if she is still going to heaven.

Wow.  I quickly say a little prayer for God to give me the words…

“Yes!  If Jesus is King of your life, nothing can separate you from Heaven.  Not the worst kind of sin you can think of.  And God wants to forgive our sins if we ask Him.”

I then explained to Rilyn and Ella that I sin everyday too, just like them.

“I think we should all ask God for forgiveness right now,” I said.

After our prayer and confession, I told the girls that God has now forgotten that they put sand in the pool!  Their sin is no more!  Rilyn then asked, “Does He still love me?”

“He will ALWAYS love you.  He gets disappointed in the wrong choices you make, but now He forgave you!”

“Where did our sins go?”

“Remember, when we went to the beach 2 weeks ago?  Our sins have been tossed in the deep part of the ocean.”

“Wow!” is all she could say.  And then they both wanted to cuddle.

Lord, let me be Jesus with skin on.

Hebrews 8:12 For I will be merciful toward their iniquities,
and I will remember their sins no more.”

Micah 7:19 He will again have compassion on us;
he will tread our iniquities underfoot.
You will cast all oursins into the depths of the sea.

**Shock!  There are no pictures of the girls in the wading pool because I’m trying to cut back my picture-taking in May, (a little bit of a detox if you will), since I have over 250 pictures to scrapbook right now of Easter, Disneyland, and Asher’s birthday!


asher’s got the bunny blues

From April 2009

And apparently, the bunny’s boogers too.

From April 2009

my mini me

Rilyn may look like her daddy but she has my personality!  Yesterday, after she had finished cleaning the playroom (one of her chores), James found this list.  She told us matter of factly that she had to make a list of all the toys she had to clean up first.  I love that she even started to ‘x’ out the toys as she had cleaned them up.  A daughter after my own heart!  It is so fun to watch Rilyn as she is an emerging reader and writer.  As a former kindergarten teacher, this is what I loved to teach!

From March 2009

roughin’ it-thanksgiving style

We went to South Shore park on Lake Bastrop for Thanksgiving with James’ parents.  What a beautiful hideaway-and only 30 minutes away from us!  The girls had so much fun with Oma’s canoes!  (Rilyn actually got to spend the night in the cabin with her Oma and Papaw last night.)  We had a Thanksgiving feast, only complete with the Cowboys game.  This, of course, was courtesy of James bringing the TV into the great outdoors where he carefully placed it at the head of table, (where only Tony Romo is fit to sit.)  Thankfully the Cowboys won-(we won’t mention our other team that played yesterday and royally stunk up their whole season.

Aunt Mandy made the girls Indian costumes the night before.

From November 2008

Here is Asher’s first Thanksgiving (breakfast):

From November 2008

Time to get dressed!

From November 2008

Girls at the park.

From November 2008

Here is Oma trying to teach them a lesson in rowing.

From November 2008

Time to eat!

From November 2008
From November 2008

three weeks with three kids

It’s been a whirlwind at the Paquette household as I have been and will continue to be in baby daze.  Daddy has been home this week (what a support he is-thanks hubby!) and I’m quite nervous as next week is my first week without any help during the days! Ahh!


Happy New Year!

We had such a great Christmas this year. All of our pictures are up in ‘December 2007’ link now. Here are some of my favorites.

Oma Paquette, Rilyn, and Ella

Rilyn gave us a ‘scarf’ she made at preschool for Christmas this year, (the girls are wearing the princess dresses we gave them for Christmas).

Ella using her new nurse equipment to give a check-up to Grandpa Erickson.


We’re in Austin (actually Manor, TX)

We apologize for not updating our website sooner but we had a major life change happen in March as we moved from Houston to Manor.  We officially got all our boxes to Manor on March 15th.  We still haven’t sold our house in Houston…We know God has His perfect timing, but it is hard with double mortgage payments!  We are settling in with our new neighborhood, church- The Austin Stone (, and our old college friends (have we already been out of college for 5 years?)  We live right next to the Suhs, Pecks, Richardsons, and Douglass’.  What a blessing!!!

Ella is now 15 months old.  She started walking at 13 ½ months old and now is lovingly referred to as our “monster truck rally” because she just runs over everything and falls most of the time but doesn’t care.  Don’t get me wrong-she cries-a lot too- but only if you look at her wrong or if you are a man.  She got 4 more teeth which brings the total to 10 now (although I admit that I’m not checking her mouth anymore for fear of my fingers being bitten off.)  She has a vocabulary of about 10 words.  Her newest words are ‘duck’ and ‘sista’ for sister.  She loves bubbles, Backyardigans and lions (because they say “roar”.)

Rilyn is half potty-trained.  She easily will go pee-pee in the potty.  But don’t ask her to go poo-poo cause she will run and hide.  Her favorite tunes these days are all on the Backyardigan CD which we have listened to every day in the car since we got it and so that makes the grand total to about 100 times.  Luckily the Backyardigans have made themselves a special place in my heart too, so I don’t mind-that much.  Rilyn and Ella had a great Easter with both sides of the family coming to spend the day with us in Manor.  She had an Easter egg hunt in the front of our house even though it was 40 degrees outside.  Right after the hunt we came inside to pray and eat.  During James’ prayer for the meal, Rilyn interrupted and said, “Thank you God, that I can find MORE eggs.”  She continues to be our little adult and cracks us up daily with her use of language.  Her latest thing she likes to do is tell mommy what she wants me to wear or not wear.  She prefers me in stripes and doesn’t like my old college t-shirts.  😉


December Update

Ella and Rilyn had a wonderful Christmas!  We spent Christmas day in Fort Worth and celebrated again with my family later that week.  They are SO blessed to have amazing grandparents on both sides of the family who shower them with love and of course gifts!  This was Ella’s first Christmas and she wasn’t too into opening presents.  In fact, a lot of the time she would put on a pouty face and cry if too many people were looking at her.  I think the holidays were too much stimulation for her!  Rilyn was more than happy to open all of Ella’s presents for her though!

Ella points at everything now and mimics sound really well.  Her first word (besides mama and dada) was ‘ball’ and she says ‘uh oh’ and ‘wow.’  She loves throwing things off of tables and saying ‘uh oh’!  Ella must be going through a growth spurt because she just has to eat everything we are eating PLUS her own baby food.  I’m sad to say she has had plenty of pizza, french fries, and chocolate already! (maybe we as parents should get better eating habits!)

Rilyn continues to make us laugh daily.  She picked up a bent french fry and said, “This french fry died so now I’m going to eat it.”  She was getting jealous of me rocking and feeding Ella a bottle once afternoon and climbed up on my lap with Ella.  She said, “When I get bigger, can I be a baby and drink a bottle like Ella?”  I love her childlike innocence…

Our big news is that James just accepted a Financial Advisor position with Dell in Round Rock, TX.  We really wanted to be closer to family and so we felt it was the right time in our lives to make the big move.  We currently have our house on the market and will soon start the house hunting process in the Austin area.  James starts his new job in mid-February.

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