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We set off on our first long road trip (18 hours!) to Edwards, Colorado for some fun and relaxation with some of our best friends!  We are staying in a large cabin together and enjoying the cooler weather and the beautiful views of nature!

Road trip!

Relaxing in the Westin hotel hot tub in Beaver Creek!

Jen, me, and Angela! (Jen was my college roommate and Angela I’ve also known since college!)

Scooter time down a trail

How to get nine kids to sit still for a picture? Give them ice cream! (9 kids=3 families)

We found a river, and the kids played there for 2 hours!

Family vacations are so much fun!


1960s themed wedding!

James’ sister got married on Saturday, the 18th and it was a beautiful and unique wedding!  She stylized it to be a Mad Men/Pan Am themed wedding because her husband works with planes and they both love the 1960s.  Here are some pictures from my camera.  I was a bridesmaid, James was a groomsman, Asher was the ring bearer (a pilot), and the girls were flower girls (they carried vintage luggage down the aisle instead of flowers!)  Here is a link to the professional pictures!  They are amazing!

Here are some pics of the rehearsal dinner!

The bride and groom with Asher!

Me and my girls all dolled up 60s style for the wedding!

Oma and her little pilot!

the first dance.

Ella dancing with daddy!

the beautiful bride


spring break!

Spring break is officially half way over!

On Friday I left for my mom’s house for a mother/daughters weekend!  We shopped, ate bad for you but yummy food, and got shellac manicures (I’m officially always getting this at salons from now on!)

my sister, mom, and me!  (cell phone pic)

The kids came on Sunday afternoon and had a great time at grandma’s house! The girls were pampered…

in grandma’s jacuzzi tub!
gotta make the bubble beard!

Cousin Caden came too, and the boys together, as always, enjoyed each others company!

watching grandpa’s fish!

And the boys had the best time in their underoos and socks! It was so cute to watch them strut their stuff! Here is Asher showing Caden his muscles!

And here is Caden showing Asher his tummy! I love Asher’s face, he seriously looks impressed (as he should be!) 😉

And then the boys really partied it up like rock stars when they took the Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster out, and used it for “human bowling”!


family dinners

Family dinners…prepping can cause me some stress, but when we are all finally seated and our plates are all full of yummy food-it’s so worth it!  I wanted to share a couple of things that we do at dinner that have really helped make dinner last longer than 5 minutes (is it too much to ask after I’ve just cooked a healthy meal for 30+ minutes, to deserve 15 good minutes at the table!?!)

Prayer-we take out our basket full of 2011 Christmas cards that we just received in December and pick one family to pray for.

Decorthe manners candle.  I saw this on Pinterest and knew I needed it for Asher.  He needs a physical reminder to sit still and eat.  James has to sit by him and practically feed him so he will continually eat, otherwise, he is under the table or hanging off the chair.  The candle stays lit if he is chewing and sitting still.  We just started this in January, so we obviously haven’t had our candle melt down to the bottom yet.  But when it does, we will all go out to ice cream that night!  The candle has been blown out  a few times at the beginning of dinner, so we have a ways to work on this, but I think once Asher succeeds at getting the candle completely melted, he will get it!

Conversation-We start with our Rose and our Thorn (or Touchdown and Turn over for James and Asher).  It’s our high and low of the day.  We also ask what’s their Secret of the day-what is one thing they don’t think they should tell us, but we would want to know.  It’s always pretty interesting what they come up with- “This boy hugged me on the playground” or “so and so told me she won’t be my friend anymore if I don’t give her my bracelet.”  And one important rule about their secret:  they won’t get in trouble for telling us!  (When you send your kids to public school, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep open lines of communication!)  😉

James and I also use dinnertime to look over their work from school and talk about it.  They get the biggest smiles on their faces when we give them credit for what they are working hard on at school.  And it’s fun to read things like (from Rilyn), “If I found a magic wand I would turn everybody into an Aggie.  I would be in paradise.  Really.  My dad would be so proud of me.”  🙂  Or Ella’s paper, When I grow up I want to be a “piss” (princess).  🙂

Another part of our conversation is from these cards I found free online and printed!  We pick one to read each night and each take a turn to answer.  There is like 300 cards so make sure you have ink in your printer!

And last, we try to read the Word during dinner.  We have used these great books, Big Book Of Questions and Answers and the simpler version for younger children, My 1st Book Of Questions and Answers
as resources to discuss short topics from the Bible.  Because this is February 1st though, we are starting our Valentine Countdown verses to discuss at dinner!  🙂


Happy Birthday nephew!

My sweet nephew is 2 today!  I took the same picture of him a year ago, and thought it would be fun to compare.  I’m not sure how many more birthdays I can convince him to just stand in his underwear for “the shot”!  😉


Star of Bethlehem

Almost every Christmas for the past 9 years, my dad, Dr. Rick Erickson, has been presenting the “Star of Bethlehem” to thousands in Texas.  He finally has put it on the web so everyone can watch it!  It is so fascinating and really will blow your mind.  How can you NOT believe in God after watching this is my question?!?  Like did you know God tells the story of Jesus’ birth and death in the constellations?  If you have a spare 2 hours, I would totally recommend watching this (first hour) and this (last hour) on your computer!  And I’m not just saying this because he’s my dad!

Here is a little article on him from the past:

“Dr. Richard Erickson, Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M Health Science Center and Director of the Division of Gastroenterology at Scott and White hospital Temple, will present his multi-media program The Star of Bethlehem at the Central Texas College Planetarium this coming Tuesday evening, November 25, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Dr. Erickson, who is an elder of the Temple Bible Church, is an amateur astronomer and loves both the physical and biological sciences. He is especially interested in teaching topics which help people to “reconcile” science and the Bible. He was naturally drawn to the subject of the star of Bethlehem when his daughter (THAT’S ME!) invited him to a presentation on it at College Station five years ago. He has been researching and teaching on this topic ever since then, and each year his presentation incorporates more of his findings.”



I said in a previous post that I would post some pictures of my parent’s new house in College Station.  My parents bought 12+ acres of land in College Station (about 6 miles southwest from Kyle Field.)  They bought the land in hopes to put a house on it so we could all stay there for Aggie football games(10 year season ticket holders)!  My parents bought the land about 2+ years ago and long story short, they bought a double wide to put on the land and then found out they couldn’t put it on there because of the 100 year flood plain!  

So on to plan B!  Plan B was to build a house on the land.  The catch was it had to meet the flood zone criteria which meant to build a house on stilts of course!  🙂  My dad found a company that specializes in this and the house was just finished in late June.  We have named it the ‘octaranch’ because it is shaped like an octagon, (and it is sitting on several 10 foot pillars!)  How cool is that?!?
the octahouse

It really is beautiful with a wrap-around porch and a great view. The inside is so nice too! We look forward to having little getaways here or maybe a girls’ weekend or two!

the kids on the porch looking out at the land
The cows on the land staring at us while we were eating breakfast!

My photography business!

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