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Asher is 7!

Asher turned 7 years old this past week!  He loves to color, jump on the trampoline, play soccer with his friends, and make people laugh, especially his sisters!  He loves his back scratched, and cuddles.  He got “Student of the Month” in April, and is reading pretty well now!  We love our baby of the family!!

Traditional waking up to the family singing happy birthday! Asher had been awake since 5:45 though, so he was waiting about 30 minutes before we came in. He had so much energy, he cleaned his entire room while waiting for us to come in! LOL

Look at the sweet Pikachu Ella made Asher from origami paper!

Asher’s class singing to him

Chuck E Cheese birthday dinner!

Mega Charizard Pokemon card!


Easter 2015

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating at Grandpa and Grandma’s house with family! He is Risen!

Time to hunt eggs!

Rilyn found the “golden egg” which had $5 in it!

confetti egg time!

Even aunt Jessica wasn’t safe!

Time to open up all their eggs to find candy and other goodies!

Grandma always has fun Easter baskets for the kids!

Look what I got!

Look at the size of that chocolate bunny!

Asher is really into states right now, and was so excited to get this puzzle!


Bluebonnets 2015!

My friend showed me a beautiful spot with Indian Paintbrush and Bluebonnets this year! Love spring in Texas!

I don’t know how many more years I can get away with these kissing pictures…


Wiping kisses off…

no more kisses!!!

Rilyn, almost 11 years old

Ella, 9 years old

Asher, my almost 7 year old


the cousins!

Bluebonnet pictures are for sissys! We’re tough guys!

The girls LOVE their little nephew, Eli!