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Austin Rodeo 2015!

This is our 8th annual trip to the Austin Rodeo!  Wow!  Every year the kids ride more rides and we stay longer!  🙂

Rilyn is our thrill seeker, although Asher is waiting to be a little taller…

The best picture of the day! Check out Ella’s face! She tried this ride for the first time and, well…not so good! LOL

Much better! I guess she doesn’t like drops!

Asher and his beloved cousin Caden!

Asher loves the Dragon Swing! This ride made James sit out the next few…

Love this picture because what a fun grandpa they have! Love my dad! He always went on the fast rides with us growing up too!

Family pic!

Grandma, are you trying to steal some of my cotton candy? 🙂

Love this picture of Rilyn!

Ella loves the fun houses!

Look at my fun family!

Last stop-trying to win those carnival games…better luck next year!


Spring Break 2015!

We started Spring Break at our friends’ lakehouse in Kingsland, Texas. The weather was perfect, and so James took the kids jet skiing and the kids went tubing!

Check out Ella’s face here-she looks terrified! LOL

Now she’s getting into it!

Getting a little wild!

What a crew! Pecks, Suh, Hurts, and Paquette kiddos!