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celebrating in December!

December is a whirlwind, and I can’t believe we are 6 days from Christmas!  Here is a quick summary of our December!

Ella and Rilyn (both in the front row) had a school choir concert!

school Christmas parties of course!

Asher had a book exchange at his!

Gingerbread house making at the Thinkery! Just us girls!

We went to two live Nativities this year. Here was one that our church put on.  Asher and Caden with a wise man!

Mom and dad had some Christmas party attending to as well! This one was a National Lampoons Christmas vacation one! I tried my best to dress 80s! 🙂

Egg nog and moose mugs? Yes please!

James went as Uncle Eddie! Wearing his best sweater of course!

And last night we had a Christmas carnival party with the whole family! We were in charge of the Glow Golf game, so we just had to dress up! 🙂 Asher did not want to participate. 😦

We took home a great prize for being “best game hosts”!!