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our spooky Sunday!

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means our family fun activities kick into high gear!  Every Halloween, we like to visit our local Ghost Town for a spooky lunch!

They have a stage there and wouldn’t you know it, our girls LOVED performing on it!

my Texan boys!

Next up for the day was pumpkin carving!  (And that means we teach the Pumpkin Gospel!)

my pumpkin heads!

dad, what a big knife you have!

ah, gotta love pulling out the pulp with your bare hands…I compare it to pulling hair out of the shower drain…:P

poor Asher, we MADE him do it!

He couldn’t get rid of the pulp on his hand fast enough!

Yay!  the girls can finally carve the pumpkins themselves! One day, I foresee the Paquettes having major pumpkin carving contests!  You like Ella’s sheer look of concentration?

The results! Two “Minecraft” pumpkins and one creation by Ella (which she hated by the way, she said it looked like a boy pumpkin!) Many tears were shed…(I guess we do still need to help her with the carving!)