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our candy corn princess!

Ella LOVES candy corn, so what better than to be a Candy Corn Princess for Halloween this year?!?  She’s so “sweet”!

she wants to eat them all!


our spooky Sunday!

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means our family fun activities kick into high gear!  Every Halloween, we like to visit our local Ghost Town for a spooky lunch!

They have a stage there and wouldn’t you know it, our girls LOVED performing on it!

my Texan boys!

Next up for the day was pumpkin carving!  (And that means we teach the Pumpkin Gospel!)

my pumpkin heads!

dad, what a big knife you have!

ah, gotta love pulling out the pulp with your bare hands…I compare it to pulling hair out of the shower drain…:P

poor Asher, we MADE him do it!

He couldn’t get rid of the pulp on his hand fast enough!

Yay!  the girls can finally carve the pumpkins themselves! One day, I foresee the Paquettes having major pumpkin carving contests!  You like Ella’s sheer look of concentration?

The results! Two “Minecraft” pumpkins and one creation by Ella (which she hated by the way, she said it looked like a boy pumpkin!) Many tears were shed…(I guess we do still need to help her with the carving!)



We went to our neighborhood Fall Festival last night and Rilyn got to FINALLY dress up in her Halloween costume!  She has definitely earned it-she read all 7 Harry Potter books in one year!  She is pretty obsessed, and wants to have her 10th birthday party Harry Potter themed next year!  Of course, she will be Hermoine!  🙂

I made Ella and Asher wear old costumes, because they always get stains on their clothes, and I didn’t want them to ruin their new costumes before Halloween. I was right too, Asher busted his top lip at the park and bled all down his “Jake and the Neverland Pirate” costume! That boy!


Family Fall Farm Fun

James went to the Aggie game last minute on Saturday and so that left me with the three kids to do SOMETHING fun on such a beautiful fall day!  Crowes Nest Farm happened to have it’s Fall Fest that day, and since it’s in town, I thought it would be a great trip!  The kids and I spent 4 hours there, and it was a lot of farm fun!

It was 60 degrees in this photo, but the poor Texans were freezing!!

The kids eyeing their Thanksgiving dinner?! 😉

I like to think that the ostrich in this photo is smiling and not angry at ANOTHER picture! lol

so fun watching this guy eat!

There was a snake show…

careful Rilyn…

Asher is fearful…

ahhhh! Poor Asher!

We went on a hay ride and the bison came right up to us to eat. It was pretty cool to watch these majestic creatures!

Ostrich egg!

Asher’s reaction to the ostrich egg!

our sweet Ella Bella

They also had a raptor show. Here is an eagle!

Me and my bud watching the raptor show

The girls wanted to roll down a hill!

and run down the hill!

This farm is full of beautiful gardens!

until next time Crowes Nest Farm!


pumpkin patch!

We made our annual visit to the pumpkin patch this year!  It was our 7th time going to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm!  Wow!!  I believe we went on the hottest day of the year with the humidity!!  The kids were troopers, (maybe because we packed lots of candy corn!)  James and I took 5 kids by ourselves because we were babysitting our nephews, Eli and Caden, age 16 months and 4!  James knew that I wasn’t leaving until I got “the shots”, so he did his best at posing the kids, and I think we got some cute ones!!


Rilyn-age 9

Ella- age 7 1/2

Asher- age 5 1/2

Tractor ride!

Always a favorite! Duck Races!


Hay bale maze!

bff cousins!


35th birthday!

James is officially “mid-30”!  This year I thought it would be fun to light 35 candles on his homemade cake.  I couldn’t even finish though, because the cake got so hot!  LOL

James lighting his own birthday cake! And I love Ella’s expression!

Happy Birthday to you!

James has still got it! He blew them all out in one breath! Again, I love how Ella is covering her ears like something will explode! Rilyn is shocked too!

James got a GoPro for his birthday, and I can’t wait to see what he can do with it! I’m sure the videos he makes will be “next level” now! Fun fact: the video James’ made for Ella’s Tangled birthday went to 15,000 views on his birthday!

My photography business!

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