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Asher’s big sports day!

Asher started flag football as a Denver Bronco yesterday!  This is his second sport to try, and I already can tell that he likes it better than soccer.  We shall see!

stepping on the field

They are trying out all the positions in this year of play (prek/kinder team)

He had one great run where he almost scored a touchdown too!  Here is the play in pictures…

And he’s off!

Go, Asher, go!

uh oh! Someone’s got his number…

Asher tried to turn to escape, but his flag was pulled! Oh well! It was a great first run!!

These three amigos are on the same team again! Friends since birth-and their parents are our best friends! So fun!

After that game, Asher got to go to his first Aggie game with daddy, grandpa, and grandma!

Going up Kyle field to their seats, and stopping to enjoy the view with grandpa!

Before the game starts…a half-hearted “gig’em”, Asher’s not sure what to expect…

Waving that 12th man towel!

At the end of the game, Asher gave a hearty “Gig-em!” He said, “Johnny scored 42, and the horses (SMU) scored 13.” 🙂


our summer in 5 minutes!

James made another cool video to capture our busy summer!  Enjoy!