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Welcome Summer!!

This year, I wanted to commemorate the last day of school in a special way!  The kids got to bring beach balls to school for their friends to sign autographs!

We used colored Sharpie markers so they can take the beach balls to the pool and the autographs won’t go away.

I painted a banner for the kids to run through when they got off the bus!

The poor kids didn’t weigh enough to bust through the banner! lol

Behind the banner was the wagon filled with summer goodies! Mmmm, sno cones!!



On June 3, 2004 Rilyn Jalie Paquette made me a mommy!  And now, nine fast and furious years later, we are HALF WAY done with raising her in our home!  Does this make me sad?  A little, but more than anything, it makes me want to charge, and be that much more intentional in these last nine years.  I want her to be prepared as she enters college in 2022, with a faith that is HER OWN.  If she has that, nothing else matters.  I do believe she is a Christian, and James and I want to give her all the tools she needs to walk faithfully, even when no one is watching.

Enjoy the pictures of her special day!

Traditional “wake up to a donut and us singing to you” on your birthday!

Run through the crepe paper to your presents and cards!

Rilyn got matching dresses for her and her new doll, Serenity. Here she is about to go to school!

Rilyn chose Austin Park and Pizza for her birthday dinner!

Love the Laser tag game faces! Rilyn chose one special friend to go with her, Eveany.

Rilyn is a pro at the climbing wall!

This however was Ella’s first time, and she was a bit fearful and frustrated!

bumper boats!

Asher loves wild rides! He took a big swig of root beer before this ride and I really thought he was going to lose it. But, fortunately, it wasn’t the carnival scene in Sandlot, and he was great!


Rilyn loved racing around the track!

Asher could ride with daddy, and he loved it too!


awards time!

The school year has drawn to a close, and my kids have received all their awards.  We were so proud of them!  In preK, Asher didn’t get any “special” awards, but he really had a great year academically.  His behavior is something that we will need to watch…kindergarten should be interesting!  He loves to be the class clown and always making people laugh!

Asher’s award ceremony!

Ella’s 1st grade awards were next! She won the “writing” award for writing the best stories in her class, “All A” Honor Roll, and she got 2nd place out of the whole first grade in Accelerated Reader points, (that’s 100 students!) Her amazing teacher also gave out candy awards to her class. Ella received the “Milky Way” award for setting an example for others by having quality work that is out of this world! 🙂 Ella also got student of the month in February! She had such an awesome year! She is so smart, her reading and math scores are at a third grade level now…way to go Ella!

Ella showing off her AR medal!

Rilyn’s award ceremony was last, and she made us very proud! Rilyn also won 2nd place in Accelerated Reader points in all of 3rd grade (110 students!). She won the “Reading” award for being the best reader in her class, and got “All A” Honor Roll!  Rilyn got student of the month in January.  She is ready for 4th grade!!!

Rilyn receiving her AR medal!


Rilyn’s “cool” 9th birthday party!!

We had Rilyn’s 9th birthday party at a local ice skating rink!  Rilyn chose this because she had been to a previous birthday party there and loved it!  I thought the party ran very smoothly, and the rink gives the kids a lesson right at the beginning of the party.  However, one girl broke her wrist, and another twisted her ankle…so, maybe having an ice skating party wasn’t the best idea!  Rilyn had a “cool” time though!

Off to a slippery start (before the lesson!)

Lesson time!

Rilyn and her best friend (who sadly broke her wrist during the party!)

All her guests!

Gotta have the sparkler!

Reading a birthday card!

Rilyn opened her presents from grandma and grandpa after the party at home!

I love how excited Ella is! She knows she gets to play with Rilyn’s presents!

Rilyn finally gets the American Girl doll she has been wanting!

My photography business!

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