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summer’s coming!!

We have 7 1/2 days of school left!!  This Memorial Day weekend, we kicked off summer early with water balloons and a slip ‘n slide at my parents Octaranch in College Station.

You can’t do anything but cry when it’s a double sister water balloon attack!


field day!

Field day or rodeo?!?

James and I both were athletes growing up…so far 0 out of 3 kids have shown any desire to do so…you can imagine my sheer delight as Rilyn (field day was right after lunch), ran about 3 baton relays, threw up on the side, and then KEPT ON RUNNING the relays! It was like she was competitive or something!!!!! I see a glimmer of hope…

tug of war!!!!


Wheelbarrow races!

parachute games!

Ella the anchor!?! Using all her might!

Spin around the bat ten times and then run…

I love her look of determination. You can tell she is dizzy, but trying to focus!!


1960s themed wedding!

James’ sister got married on Saturday, the 18th and it was a beautiful and unique wedding!  She stylized it to be a Mad Men/Pan Am themed wedding because her husband works with planes and they both love the 1960s.  Here are some pictures from my camera.  I was a bridesmaid, James was a groomsman, Asher was the ring bearer (a pilot), and the girls were flower girls (they carried vintage luggage down the aisle instead of flowers!)  Here is a link to the professional pictures!  They are amazing!

Here are some pics of the rehearsal dinner!

The bride and groom with Asher!

Me and my girls all dolled up 60s style for the wedding!

Oma and her little pilot!

the first dance.

Ella dancing with daddy!

the beautiful bride



May is usually the busiest month in our household!  We’ve got my birthday, plus Mother’s Day, our anniversary, not to mention James and I have both our moms’ birthdays this month too!  Oh, and James’ sister got married two days ago!  LOTS of celebrating!!

Right at the beginning of May, I played a character in James’ 3 day staff retreat (from his work.)  It was a Sherlock murder mystery theme set in the Victorian age, and I was a suspect named Charlotte!  So fun!

This is my birthday/Mother’s Day in pictures!

Me and my momma celebrating!

First swim of the year!