petting zoo peril

We went to Rodeo Austin on Tuesday and like always, we start our day off at the Kidstown petting zoo!  Ella never has a problem with the animals.  Rilyn, because she is 8 1/2, tries to put on a brave face, but inside she is scared to death, and Asher still doesn’t care about showing the world how much he dislikes animals (of any kind.)

our traditional trash can picture (because I need to see the Rodeo logo!)

There was a kangaroo at the petting zoo this year with a baby in it’s pouch!

Cousin Caden and Asher planning out their day!

the map!

The dreaded petting zoo…

to be fair, that sheep is extremely large

Here is Rilyn’s experience…poor girl.

I am brave.  Deers are nice.

Attack of the deers!!


“Mom, they’re eating my clothes!!”

Unable to hide her disdain for the petting zoo.

I’m outta here!

Ella, our animal lover!

Next up, we walked over to the pig races!

They have different races, and one race all the pigs were dressed in college attire.

Of course, the A&M pig was winning, and Rilyn was a little excited! 🙂


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