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Christmas morning 2012

The kids woke up Christmas morning and we started off by putting the last ornament on our Jesse Tree!  The star, which represents Jesus!

Then the kids counted up all the money they earned in their Shepherd Pouches this December. They earned $37 total and we told them we would match it…so they got to give $75 to the Makarios Flood Recovery fund!

Time for stockings!

a blank book for her to write/draw in!
Angry Bird gummies!

Ella got Rilyn a Barbie horse…I’m pretty sure that is what Ella wanted, and so she picked it out for Rilyn! lol…sisters!

Rilyn got Ella an elephant Beanie Ballz!

she LOVES it!

Asher got his first Beyblade!

oh ya!

Massive sister hug from Ella!

Rilyn’s “need” present…new Twinkle Toes!

Ella’s “want” present…a scooter!

Our family present was a trampoline! We told the kids to go upstairs because their last gift was there…then they looked out the window!

Homemade gifts are the best! Ella knows how much James loves “Johnny Football”-the Heisman winner from A&M…so she made him his own personal one! lol


For breakfast every Christmas morning, we eat birthday cake for Jesus!

The red candle in the middle of the star represents Jesus. We each took a candle and lit it from the middle candle to represent that we can be lights of the world for Him!

3 layer cake!