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Paquette Christmas

We traveled to Fort Worth last weekend to celebrate Christmas with James’ family.  Rilyn loved setting up Oma’s nativity!

We visited aunt Mandy who had a local art show. (She is RAW visual artist of the year for Dallas!)

visit  Mandylopandy on Facebook to see more!

The kids painted ornaments for Oma’s tree.

The whole family!

Presents were opened!

a unicorn horn from aunt Mandy!

The kids big gift was a Giga ball!!


The favorite thing we look forward to is the stocking game! Every stocking has a gift card in it and there are “rounds” with $5 gift cards, $10, $15, and $25! Some gift cards are for Dollar Tree, and some are for Target!  (There always is trading at the end!)  Rilyn and Ella are the elves, and place the cards in the stocking in between each round.  We draw numbers to see who will pick first, second, etc.  So fun, and a tradition that we will no doubt carry on when we are grandparents!