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Legoland California!

We just got back from a fast and furious vacation to southern California!  The first day we drove down to Carlsbad and went to Legoland!  I totally recommend this park, and I would say the park is best suited for ages 10 and younger.

You will notice we are plus one…my 2nd cousin, little Makayla, came with us and joined inour family picture!
safari!  Notice the alligators and giraffes all made of Legos!
I like how Asher is looking at the witch!
all made of Legos…amazing!
we were there for Holiday Snow Days!  They brought in snow for the kids to play in!
can you find Ella?  (in the red car)
you had to pedal to go faster!
James trying to beat the girls up!
all the kids loved this area!
miniature buildings to resemble a city…Dr. Rilyn is checking out Makayla
Asher got busted for having too much fun…
you stay in the jail cell!
I asked Ella to pose in the lion’s mouth, and this is what she did.  Realistic?  Yes.  Cute?  No.
this is Miniland, where there are Lego miniatures of all the major cities in the world!