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Thanksgiving 2012

We celebrated a day early at my parent’s house this year.

my parents with their 5 grandkids!
table shot!

A big highlight was that the girls got to sit at the “adult table” because sadly aunt Jessica couldn’t make it. The kid’s table still had occupants though! 😉

Definitely a time of food, family, and fun. Here James is playing a game that Ella completely drew, colored, and made up the rules!  My favorite part of the game is if you draw a *BONUS* card.  (You get to move 54 spaces!)  😉

Thanksgiving morning was spent decorating grandma and grandpa’s tree!

look how tall the tree is!

Thursday was also spent traveling up to Dallas for the cheer competition the next day. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at Denny’s! It was kinda sad.  😦
After Rilyn’s cheer competition, we drove to Fort Worth to spend time with James’ family!

The kids all can climb up the tree house now!

oma and her grands!

And who doesn’t love some swinging on a beautiful fall day?


That evening, the kids got to be in the Fort Worth Christmas parade! Their oma and papaw volunteer for the Red Cross and so they were able to sit in the Emergency Response Vehicle and wave to all the crowds watching the parade! The kids had a blast!

here they come!
waving to the crowds!