DR trip-day 6

Each new morning starts with roosters crowing in the Dominican.  Wednesday morning was no different, and at 5 a.m. the roosters start their songs.  We started the day at the Makarios school again.  The girls and I went through each summer school class again.  Ella  found Rebekah and the hand games resumed!

This is the arts and crafts room.

In science, they were making homemade ice cream!

shake the bag!
touching the ice cream that they just made!

Math time!


In the afternoon, we visited the village of Pancho Mateo. One third of the kids at the Mak school come from here.


There was a village basketball court, and we played there most of the afternoon. The village girls loved doing Rilyn and Ella’s “gringo” hair! And my girls loved having it done-over and over and over again!

girls will be girls!
Rilyn feeling relaxed!
time for another ‘do!
this sweet girl did a great job with Ella’s hair!

James played sports with the boys!


*to read about day 5, click here. To read about day 7, click here*


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