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lake travis

Yesterday, we took a day off to have, what we are calling, the “1st annual adults only lake day!”  Our good friends, the Moss’, took out their boat on Lake Travis so we could water ski, tube, wake board, and boat on in to Hula Hut for dinner!  Such a fun afternoon with great friends!!  Next Friday, all six of us, plus our kids, will be traveling to the Dominican Republic together!

James wake boarding for the first time!
me water skiing
cool shot of James’ water skiing
James is so good at water skiing, he tells us when he is done skiing (instead of just falling).

He is giving us the thumbs up that he is done and drops the handle!

James tubing

James asked Eddie to try and get him off the tube, so as Eddie drove the boat crazy, James flipped…and lost his bathing suit to his ankles!


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to capture that shot because his trunks fell down as the bottom of the tube was facing the camera and conveniently covering James’ full moon! 😉

James mooning the house behind him
Hula Hut!
Pennybacker bridge on Lake Travis with my girls!  Jen, Denise, and me!