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little “squirt”

Today, I took pictures of my nephew.  He gives new meaning to the affectionate title, “little squirt”!  To see more, click here!


my family portraits!

In the middle of May, we got our family portraits done!  Here are some of my fav from Coati Photography!






my new nephew!

Yesterday, my second nephew, Elijah James, was born!  My little brother now has two boys to call his own!
I took some shots of Eli on his BIRTH day that I put on my photography blog here.

love being an aunt!
my brother, his two sons, and my dad-the Erickson men!

My kids got to meet their new cousin today!

they used such delicate hands to touch…so sweet

Ella was the most smitten with him. She told me she never wanted to stop holding him!

future babysitter!

My family with Eli!

Me, my sister, my mom, and my brother holding his new son.


pine cove base camp!

These past two weeks have been all about camp and VBS!  During first week of June, my girls went to Pine Cove base camp at our church!

I highly recommend this as a transition for overnight camps.  Next summer, I would love to send my girls to Pine Cove overnight week long camp, and I think they would be totally ready for it based on the week they had at base camp!  It was 9-4 p.m. Monday-Friday and they loved every minute of it!  (Okay, Rilyn did complain about being too sweaty some days!)  🙂  But that is a girly girl for ya!

They had tons of water activities every day!

Ella on the far left
Ella in the middle trying to drink the water sprinkles!
Rilyn and her friends!

They had Bible study in their tents every day!

Rilyn in the red

They got to act silly!


Listen to silly skits!

Ella loving being in the front row!

They did the Wobble (I totally recommend playing this for the kids, so fun!)

The girls LOVE this clean version of the song

They had worship!


And during the last day, the counselors (which both my girls want to be when they are in college!), presented them with a certificate of character quality!

Ella and her counselor

Ella’s said, “Ella is an outgoing young lady. Her enthusiastic attitude is contagious and inspiring. Her positive outlook is a blessing to those around her.”

Rilyn and her counselor

Rilyn’s said, “Rilyn is selfless, putting others before herself. She is uplifting in what she says and does. Her gracious attitude is a blessing to those around her.”


Go Go Go!!!

We also went go-karting at Austin Park and Pizza.  There was an adult race track where adults could drive with kids, and then there was a “junior” race track.  Rilyn and her friend wanted to drive their own cars so they headed over to that line.  Meanwhile I was watching James and Asher having the time of their lives!


When James and Asher’s race was done, Rilyn and her friend were still in line…didn’t make sense, until I saw that they were chit chatting and people (boys!) were just cutting in front of them! They didn’t even have a clue. So James marched over there and took care of that! Meanwhile, I took Ella on the adult side. She had the time of her life too!

Rilyn was loving driving all by herself!

But there was this boy (in the green car) and they had it out for each other! I love how they are having a stare down in the middle of the race!

I think Rilyn bumped him here!

Get after him girl!

Alas, she was left in the dust, unable to control her turn! Boo!  I would of loved to see her peel past him!

spin out!

Fast forward 4 days later, and we were asked to go go-karting again, this time at a “no funny business, this here is REAL!” go karting place! 😉  I hadn’t been go-karting in 10 years, and this past week, I went twice!
These cars go up to 45 mph, and I made the mistake of trying to race with mostly men. And men who are extremely competitive. And so I was scared pretty much the whole race, just trying to stay alive, I got bumped, and had whiplash for half a day. It was an experience, and I won’t do it again!
Here is the crew who raced

James, me, Jen, Jeff, Ryan, and Halim
getting ready to go!

I’m beating James! (You are timed and he actually lapped me 4 times during the 15 lap race!) He came in first out of 12, and I came in last! Ha!

I’m in the blue shirt, James in the green shirt
go me!
go James!

Everyone, except me, did a second race. I took this picture instead!

wearing their face socks to protect them from nasty helmet germs!

new photo shoot!

I’m so excited about my new nephew, due any day now!!  Enjoy this photo of my brother’s growing family!  To see more click here!

who’s tummy is bigger?!?

birthday dinner!

For Rilyn’s birthday dinner on Sunday, we headed over to Austin Park and Pizza!  She got to pick a friend to go with her, and she chose one from school.

Rilyn realized she loved rock climbing!  She did this wall a couple of times on different


free fall ride
putt putt!
bumper boats!
tea cups!

After dinner, we headed over to Sonic for a dessert!

8 sparkler!

And we gave her our gift from mommy, daddy, and my parents!

we wrapped it in an manila envelope and told her it was a birthday card.

A Kindle Fire! I’m so excited about this present because having to read everyday for 30 minutes has made this momma buying lots of books, and I’m running out of space!

Rilyn’s 8 year old portrait!

I left out our go karting experience on purpose, so stay tuned!

My photography business!

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