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end of the school year!

Quick update on our end of school festivities!

This is the last day of preschool for Asher.  We celebrated at school with a teddy bear lunch!  He had a great year, and is a super smart boy!  He did have a remark on his report card that said “easily distracted by friends” and we definitely know this to be true!  😉  Next year, he will go to preschool everyday half-day!!

At Ella’s kindergarten awards, she received the “writing award”! She had an awesome year, with an awesome teacher! We are very proud of her!!

Rilyn had a wonderful year too in 2nd grade. Here she is at her awards ceremony!

Ella had a field trip to a bounce house to celebrate the end of school!

jumping in the foam pit!

Rilyn got 4th place out of 120 2nd grade students in the spelling bee! We were so proud of her! She got out on the word “fought”. She spelled it “faught”.