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bluebonnets 2012

Well, you know spring is here when you see this on the side of the road:

Families everywhere gather together for the Texas tradition!  🙂

I took my three (plus my nephew!) out to the local bluebonnet field to take our annual pictures. I have some of my other favorites on my photography blog.

this picture captures Asher’s personality well
how much longer will they be stair stepped?
these two have a special bond
Caden with his cousins
best buds with a lot more matching outfits in their future…
who doesn’t love running through fields at full speed?
showing off their muscles!
I think these two really look alike!

And this last picture melts my heart. While I was taking pictures of Caden, I caught Ella taking pictures of Rilyn with her cell phone (my old cell phone that doesn’t call out).  So sweet-I love how Rilyn is posing too!