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St. Patricks Day fun!

On Saturday, my kids woke up to Lucky Charms cereal (a special treat which only Rilyn liked!) We finished the St. Patricks Day countdown and then headed out to Asher’s 3rd soccer game.  Asher scored his first goal-unfortunately the other team had about 25 goals and we had 3.  They even took one of their players off the field so we could be more evenly challenged.  We were the Bad News Bears out there, but it was still cute to watch!  Go Rolling Stones!

top row:  Malachi, Xander, Halle  bottom row:  Asher, Kian, and Caden

After the game, my dear friend Jen made the cutest St. Patricks Day cupcakes for all to enjoy!

When the kids got home, the girls started enjoying the spring weather with new bubbles from grandma!

picture through a bubble!

We also had cousin Caden at our house all day. Asher and Caden know how to get dirty, so into the bath they went!