spring break!

Spring break is officially half way over!

On Friday I left for my mom’s house for a mother/daughters weekend!  We shopped, ate bad for you but yummy food, and got shellac manicures (I’m officially always getting this at salons from now on!)

my sister, mom, and me!  (cell phone pic)

The kids came on Sunday afternoon and had a great time at grandma’s house! The girls were pampered…

in grandma’s jacuzzi tub!
gotta make the bubble beard!

Cousin Caden came too, and the boys together, as always, enjoyed each others company!

watching grandpa’s fish!

And the boys had the best time in their underoos and socks! It was so cute to watch them strut their stuff! Here is Asher showing Caden his muscles!

And here is Caden showing Asher his tummy! I love Asher’s face, he seriously looks impressed (as he should be!) 😉

And then the boys really partied it up like rock stars when they took the Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster out, and used it for “human bowling”!


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