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If I were president…

I love how Ella feels the need to stand on a stool if she was president!

Ella brought this book home she made in kindergarten titled “If I were president…” On each page was a different thing she would do if she was president. The last page (above) melted my heart!


dance like no one’s watching!

On Saturday night, the girls went with James to a daddy/daughter(s) dance (held at a local church)! The girls had a great time having a tea party, dancing the night away, and there was even a carriage ride at the end!
I let James take my old camera so the girls could take turns taking pictures of each other! I was pretty impressed with how the pictures turned out (my little budding photographers)!

safe in daddy’s hands
a strong man to look up to
only he can make her smile this big
down on one knee!

The best pictures, though, were those that James took of the girls “interpretative” dancing(?)

these sisters love to dance!

Here is the carriage that they rode in at the end of the night. Unfortunately, their picture in the carriage didn’t turn out, so James took this of random people.

Is this Rapunzel’s horse? (check out the braid!)


Asher’s first soccer game!

After a long break from soccer, the Paquette’s are back, this time with Asher!  (The girls are happily in ballet and hip hop.) James is the coach, and if you measured his happiness by how much he has spent on new “coaching” clothes and soccer equipment, you would say he is LOVING it!  🙂   Five  out of the six kids on the team are from our church, the Austin Stone Community Church.  Hence, we named the soccer team-the Rolling Stones!  (We also live in the same neighborhood!)  Here is James with Asher (pre hair-cut!) on the first day of practice on Thursday.

Asher had a lot of heart this morning. He was always running with a big grin on his face. However, he mostly ran NEAR the ball and didn’t quite understand you are supposed to KICK the ball, (especially when the other team had it). This is my favorite action shot of the morning, and it was before the game even started!

running drills with daddy

Here is James giving the team a pre-game pep talk. I love how Asher is listening intently and how the other players are “eyeing” the other team across the field!

Caden’s big brother, Cole, is the unoffical “assitant coach”

Asher ready to start with his “mean” game face on! He reminds me of Ella‘s soccer face back in the day!

I’m ready for you!

Asher got the ball!

go busta!

Asher had many supporters at his first game! Cousin Caden came to watch (and grandma and grandpa too)!

thanks for coming cuz!

In the 4th quarter, Asher was done. 🙂

sucking the fingers and holding the ear…
#7 just like daddy!
Malachi, Asher, and Caden-friends for life

new photo shoot

I took my first maternity photo shoot on Wednesday afternoon!  Things got a little messy…

Click here to see some of my favorites!


It’s a Girl!


Easter countdown

Happy Ash Wednesday!  Although we don’t celebrate Ash Wednesday, it does mark the beginning of celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection for many!

And this year I want to make an Easter countdown for my kids.  I know Easter changes each year, but I still want to anticipate the big day by reading the true Easter story from the Bible in the weeks leading up to Easter.  After some thought and research, I decided that we are going to teach our kids about the prophecy of the events surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection in the Old Testament and the prophecies fulfilled in the New Testament. There are 18 main prophecies, so therefore I am making an Easter countdown for the 18 days before Easter.  This year, the countdown will start on March 22nd.

1 Jesus would be betrayed. Psalm 41:9
Zechariah 11:12-13
Luke 22:47-48
Matthew 26:14-16
2 Jesus’ price money would be used to buy a potter’s field. Zechariah 11:12-13 Matthew 27:9-10
3 Jesus would be falsely accused. Psalm 35:11 Mark 14:57-58
4 Jesus would be silent before his accusers. Isaiah 53:7 Mark 15:4-5
5 Jesus would be spat upon and struck. Isaiah 50:6 Matthew 26:67
6 Jesus would be hated without cause. Psalm 35:19
Psalm 69:4
John 15:24-25
7 Jesus would be crucified with criminals. Isaiah 53:12 Matthew 27:38
Mark 15:27-28
8 Jesus would be given vinegar to drink. Psalm 69:21 Matthew 27:34
John 19:28-30
9 Jesus’ hands and feet would be pierced. Psalm 22:16
Zechariah 12:10
John 20:25-27
10 Jesus would be mocked and ridiculed. Psalm 22:7-8 Luke 23:35
11 Soldiers would gamble for Jesus’ garments. Psalm 22:18 Luke 23:34
Matthew 27:35-36
12 Jesus’ bones would not be broken. Exodus 12:46
Psalm 34:20
John 19:33-36
13 Jesus would be forsaken by God. Psalm 22:1 Matthew 27:46
14 Jesus would pray for his enemies. Psalm 109:4 Luke 23:34
15 Soldiers would pierce Jesus’ side. Zechariah 12:10 John 19:34
16 Jesus would be buried with the rich. Isaiah 53:9 Matthew 27:57-60
17 Jesus would resurrect from the dead. Psalm 16:10
Psalm 49:15
Matthew 28:2-7
Acts 2:22-32
18 Jesus would be a sacrifice for sin. Isaiah 53:5-12 Romans 5:6-8

Here is how I used the Scriptures above in a countdown.  I wrote the 18 OT prophecies on a cross that I cut out of poster board.  Then I wrote the 18 fulfilled prophecies on scraps of colored cardstock.  Each day, starting with #1 Scripture above, we will first read the OT prophecy and then we will read the NT fulfilled prophecy.

(I used black velcro to adhere the colored cardstock to the cross)

Then I will let the kids adhere the colored cardstock on the cross after we read the Scriptures. (I lightly wrote the same number on each yellow shape and the matching colored shape so I wouldn’t get confused.)  By Easter morning, our cross will look like this:

Happy Easter!

celebrating the love!

All of us were very loved on from our family this Valentines Day!  My mom came on Sunday with her usual “holiday gift extravaganza”!  My mom also knows my favorite treat is chocolate dipped strawberries and she had them delivered to me!

they’re not spoiled   😉
this is his reaction every time he opens up a new car!

James did the sweetest thing on Valentines Day for the girls.  I told him that he was doing a good job of having the girls fall in love with him first, so hopefully they won’t feel the need to search for love in boys.  The girls feel special and beautiful because of their daddy!  Of course, we are teaching them that they should find their worth and beauty in their Heavenly Daddy first and foremost!  James bought them each a flower and a heart shaped balloon and surprised them in the school cafeteria with Sonic for lunch. James said both girls were blushing and all the teachers were “oooohing and ahhhing” at him for being so sweet to his girls.  That made my Valetines Day for him to do that for them.  What a man I have!!!  (By the way, we celebrated Vday by going to Wicked last week with our friends.  It was excellent!)
When the kids came home from school, they got lots of “happy mail” from family! (Getting mail is so few and far between these days, it’s a BIG deal to them!)  Then when James came home from work, I made him a scavenger hunt that ended with the clue “you warm my oven.”  I bought him a new toaster oven, (that’s when you know you are an old married couple!) and he loved it!

To cap off the holiday, we surprised our kids with “dessert for dinner”!  We didn’t tell them where we were going, only that we were going out for dinner.  We drove them to Baskin Robbins where both girls had tears in their eyes when we pulled up because they thought we were going to take them to McDonalds.  When we pulled into the strip mall and they saw Subway, they were upset.  No way they thought we were going to walk into the ice cream shop next door for dinner!  

They still are talking about it.  🙂



I mustache you a question…

My photography business!

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