sample work

Asher:  He drew his first family portrait today.  Of course I had to bribe him with a piece of candy, but he did it!  🙂  You can see he did draw five faces. I’m not sure when he will decide that bodies are important. 🙂 This boy loves letters and numbers!  He knows all of them, upper and lower case, and about half of his sounds, but writing/drawing?!?  No way, not for him!!!

Asher’s first family portrait-3.9 years old

Ella: Her teacher’s aide came up to me yesterday when I was at school volunteering and told me that Ella made her day when she told her, “I don’t believe in luck, only blessings.” 🙂

Here is Ella’s first “book report” in kindergarten. At least she’s honest! 🙂

“Because it was short and it was boring.”

Rilyn: She wrote us a chore list recently because she wants to save money to help buy an iPad for her birthday in June. (I guess 8 year olds have iPads these days!) Anyway, so she wants a regular weekly allowance, (currently we pay her by the chore.) We decided that we would pay her $7 a week because she is 7 and we told her to write down some chores that would be good for her to do each week. This is what she gave us:  (of course my favorite is #8!)  😉

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