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it’s all about the splash!

I bought Asher his first pair of rainboots the other week in anticipation of the rainy winter season.  He loves jumping in puddles, and unfortunately, he hasn’t had too many opportunities lately because Austin has been so dry!  Well, today was the perfect day to bust out the boots!  It rained for hours and hours, and then as soon as it stopped, I took my camera, and told Asher to go at it!  I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy because the puddles were almost 6 inches deep, muddy, and mommy was giving him permission to jump in them!?!  (All in the name of good pictures is the name of my game!  🙂  I will let lots slip by when I want a certain picture!)

contemplating what mommy is telling him to do

And he’s off!

air Asher!
splash down!
so happy!

When I was tired of the people in cars driving by staring at me for being the crazy woman who was taking pictures of her son soaking wet in the freezing cold, we moved to the backyard! 🙂

it was a tad bit more muddy
which meant even more fun!
I’m pretty sure this one soaked Asher’s face and we were done.