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Ella’s birthday night!

During the afternoon on Ella’s birthday I brought her Sonic for lunch at school, and brought cookies to her class.

In the evening, we let her pick one friend, Anna, and we took them to Gattiland for dinner!

I’m six!
They were all finally tall enough to drive bumper cars!  This was their favorite by far!

This next picture concerns me, because if I wasn’t so busy trying to get a good picture, I would of realized what a dangerous situation having that baby in the carrier so close to the crazy bowler next door! Ella’s balls were flying everywhere! Thank goodness, no one got hurt!

daddy helps Ella score big points!

Ella was the “score keeper” for Rilyn and Anna. She loved cheering them on!

After Gattiland, we went home to open her “big present”. (Can you tell I like to spread the birthday fun through the whole day?)

This was an empty box. We had set it up upstairs so I told Ella wait until I got upstairs and then she could come up and see her new Tangled Barbie tower!


Who knew that Rilyn would be even more excited than Ella?!? Having sisters close in age means their presents are your presents too!

love the clip on hair extension for Rapunzel Barbie!

The tower opens up to reveal three rooms to play in.

play time!

Can’t wait for Ella’s Tangled party!!