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preschool Christmas musical extravaganza!

Or maybe not.

But whatever it was, it was sure cute.  Asher was dressed as a shepherd.  He sang about 2 of the 5 songs, but he didn’t cry this time!  He definitely has a habit of putting his fingers in his mouth when he is nervous!  And we might of bribed him with a new car if he didn’t cry (like he did last year).  🙂

James made a quick video to recap the show for us!

This is my favorite picture because, well, it really speaks for itself.  (By the way, he did this hand motion because it was the part in the 12 days of Christmas song when you sing “5 Golden Rings!”

what’s that saying?  Speak no evil, hear no evil, pick no evil?  🙂

This is Asher walking down the aisle to go to the stage. Here he starts with the hands in the mouth and he just looks nervous!

Almost a cry after the audience clapped loudly for them, but he kept it together. I’m pretty sure at this point James dangled the car in the audience so he could see it.

keep. it. together.
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