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edible Nativity!

Tonight we made an edible Nativity scene!  I saw this idea on another blog and couldn’t resist trying it with our kids!  The ingredients can vary, but this is what we used:

We used food coloring to dye the coconut flakes yellow for hay.

We built our nativity scene on top of an empty box. This helped in that James could cut slits in the box so the graham crackers could stay up better and the toothpick/gumdrop people could stand upright.

Rilyn was pretty excited to use the decorating bag with frosting!
Mary, baby Jesus, Joseph, a shepherd, lots of sheep and 2 donkeys

Fun family time!


sea world!

My dad and James took the kids to Sea World on Saturday.  We told Rilyn she was sure blessed to be able to go somewhere so fun on her half birthday!  (She is 7 1/2 now!)

James said Asher refused to touch the dolphins.
my kids loved all the rides, but James said, “It was no Disneyland.”  🙂
I feel the need to say this is not my camera.  🙂
Asher refused to take pictures with any of the characters.  He has lots of fears.  😛