I love Christmas lights!

We had hoped to add to our outdoor lights this year by getting a light up nativity, but the one I wanted sold out everywhere!  Oh well, we did add “candy” hanging from one of our trees from an after Christmas sale at Target last year!  🙂

I love that I got flagged over driving in the neighborhood yesterday evening from neighbors that live blocks away, saying they were walking over to watch our house!  I say, “watch” because it plays music and the lights blink on and off to the beat!  Yes, it may be tacky and gaudy, but my kids’ expressions every year when we light it up for the first time is so worth it!

Hopefully next year, the nativity will go right in the center of the yard!  We have an angel announcing the Good News!

The candy tree!

Whoa! I caught a major hug (or kiss?!) between Ella and Asher!

And true to form, we keep our tree gaudy as well! And I love it! I added 2 ornaments this year. One hula girl from Kauai and one Disneyland ornament!

*Rilyn was feeling sick during these pictures. Turned out she got strep the next day! 😦


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