Halloween 2011

I’m going to say that this was the most fun Halloween we have had as a family. I have no doubt this is because our kids are getting older!

I’m happy to say that all my kid meal toys disappeared by the time we finished


Every year, the neighborhood kids (and some extra!) meet up on Jen’s lawn for chili, cornbread, and pre-trick-or-treating pictures!

lots of friends!

Super Why vs. Captain America!


I can just imagine the boys saying, “Who invited Super Why? Is he even a real super hero? Ooooooo, I’m so scared of his ‘power to read!'” 😉

Spiderman, Thor, Batman, Super Why, and Hulk

Belle and Rapunzel!

Ella and Anna

When it was time to go trick or treating, the big kids took off!

speed=more candy!

Asher stayed behind with the little guys!

One of Ella’s friends from kindergarten had a haunted house in her garage. This friend also has 3 teenage brothers.  This haunted house was going to be scary!  But Ella wanted to see her friend, so in she went!  (Even though I told her she probably wouldn’t be in there-and she wasn’t.)   Ella tried to be brave at first, but you can see the fear in her eyes-and tears!

in the garage haunted house

And this is Ella coming out of the haunted house!  Poor girl!


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