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decorating time!

Last Friday, while we were in Temple, the kids and I helped my parents decorate their tree!  We do this every year right after Thanksgiving.  This year, it was finally Asher’s turn to put the angel on top of the tree!

grandpa lifting Asher up

Thanks to my sister, I got in a picture!

Rilyn peeking at me

Thanksgiving x2

We hosted Thanksgiving for James’ family again this year.  We celebrated on Saturday and had 15 people here!  It was a great time had by all and I think we can call our dessert portion a success when we had 6 pies/cakes, cookies, and chocolates!  We all ate some vegan dishes too, thanks to aunt Mandy and Allen!  James said the vegan strawberry cheesecake made the list of the top 3 cheesecakes he has ever had!

the kids table
Rilyn’s beloved aunt

Our guest of honor for 2 years in a row is James’ maternal grandmother. How special is it for my kids to spend the holidays with her?

great gramma

I started a new Thanksgiving tradition this year at my house that I found on another blog.  Here is the link if you want to print the banner flags for next year. Every year I plan on making another banner and so each year, I will accumulate another banner to decorate my house!  Each banner will be full of all the things we were thankful for that year!  By the time my kids are grown, my house will be FILLED with banners during Thanksgiving time!

I made each person write what they were thankful for .  (Asher really told me those things!)
2011 Banner will be hanging up next Thanksgiving 15 flags long!

an afternoon at the park

We spent Thanksgiving afternoon at a local park in Temple. The daddies were going to the Aggie game. (So, so sad.)

This park had the old school dangerous merry go round.  My kids loved it!

And I mean what I say when I say “dangerous”.

They had a high merry go round that the girls could sit on and spin!!!

They loved it!

Asher jumping off a “climbing wall”

Thanksgiving 2011

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family on Wednesday!  I believe this is our first posed group shot since Jessica’s wedding 2 years ago.

Eric, Jessica, James, Julie, Jeff, Becca

Ella, Grandpa, Caden, Grandma, Asher, and Rilyn

Of course, we always do the “around the dining room table” shot!

Thanksgiving meal

Grandparents with the grandkids! I love Asher and Ella’s faces in this picture!


new photo shoot

I had this fun photo shoot yesterday downtown! Click here to see the rest of my favorites!


school in november

The girls had movie night Thursday evening at school.  They loved going to school at night in their pjs to watch Rio with all their friends!  Asher loved it too!

Rilyn watching the movie

This afternoon, the girls had Thanksgiving feasts in their grade levels. Rilyn’s was buffet style. Look at Rilyn trying to get Asher to come in line with her to try some food!

come here little brother!

And this is what Asher was doing. Sigh. Is there hope for this one? 😉

Asher just being Asher

And in the kindergarten wing, they ate “Indian style”! Literally, dressed as Indians and sitting Indian style! 😉

Why does my child want to smell the deli meat?

She isn’t a fan of deli meat at home, so I was impressed  when she took a bite!
and I figured this reaction would be coming!

signs of mercy

Mercy:   a blessing regarded as an act of divine favor or compassion (Webster’s Dictionary)

I love when God gives us signs of mercy to remind us we are in His will.  Yesterday, Ella came home from kindergarten (public school) and gave me this.

(Cell phone pic)  I love how she misspelled “God” with “Good”.  He is a good God!  Phil. 4:6

This is the girls’ Bible verse to memorize for the week. I immediately asked Ella if she wrote this in class and she said she did. She told me that she finished her seat work early and asked the teacher if she could practice writing her verse (she has a card with the verse on it in her backpack.) I said, “Did daddy tell you this idea?”  (Because he drove her to school that day.)  She said, “He just told me I need to practice my verse.” So then I called James and he said he didn’t tell her to write the verse at school.  This was all Ella’s idea.
I just love that she came home from public school with the Truth, the Power, the Word. And I’m thankful for a teacher that let her do it in class and understands how we are raising our children.
Thank you God for signs of mercy.

My photography business!

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