Every year around this time I wonder the same thing.  Will this be the year no one cries when we carve pumpkins?
Nope, not this year.
As long as we force our son to touch the pulp, there will be tears!  Now I know we could not force our son, but what would the fun be in that?  🙂

(We were at my parents Octaranch in College Station because James, Rilyn, and I went to the depressing Aggie game against Missouri earlier that day.)

Once again, we did the pumpkin gospel story to show the kids how when we trust in God, He takes out our yucky sin (pulp) and makes us a new creation (or rather in this case a new “face”).  See this previous post for the Bible verses and what to say.

I would be as concerned as Ella if I saw my daddy cutting off his thumb with a knife!

don’t worry folks, James still has one good thumb left!  😉

You can see Asher’s concern right from the beginning and Rilyn’s joy as daddy cuts open her pumpkin. Rilyn has never had a problem digging in and grabbing out the pulp with her bare hands!

Ella’s turn. Again, Asher wringing his hands in concern.

This look is more for show. Look at me make gross noises and faces while I’m digging out the slime everybody! 😉


It’s Asher’s turn.

The pulp is coming to get you!!!

those seeds are scary!!

Ella does not like to touch pulp. Here she is showing off her one seed she got with the spoon.

Hiding behind daddy.

Asher did love carving the pumpkin, probably because it didn’t involve pulp!

Rilyn’s first pumpkin carving!


Ella’s first!


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